(Stable) Suffered from borderline; three years of meditation

(Stable) Suffered from borderline; three years of meditation, sobriety, journaling, exercise, and school put me on stable path. Dating woman with classic BPD. Very difficult. People in general don't know how confusing it can be or what I mean when I say things are rocky. They think "Normal relationship." But it isn't. She's so loving and we share beauty together but her dark side... dating for eight months but she screamed she hated me during a conversation and cussed me out a few days ago. She cried an apology later that night but if she doesn't get help I'll be forced to leave her I think. I'm also worried she's burned me too bad already and I'll resent her if she doesn't do something drastic.

Those kind of people need a psychiatrist, not a relationship. A partner can only provide BASIC help, and what she needs is professional help. Hopefully she is willing to take it.

She might start seeing a therapist at our local university. Otherwise therapy is something you do and allow not something done to you. She has to find the right path. If she continues doing what I did she'll be maybe not all okay, but at least someone without outbursts and impulse.