Stage 3 HCC. Diagnosed in August, with the added pleasure ofStage 3 HCC. Diagnosed in August, with the added pleasure

Stage 3 HCC. Diagnosed in August, with the added pleasure of 2 Pulmonary Embolisms. Am on Warfarin/Coumadin for the lung blood clots, which have stabilzed, and am taking Nexavar for the Chemo for Liver. Add to this that I am also HIV Positive, survivor since the 1980's. With all the drugs I am pumping into my system for this that and the other,I have days where I go to get my dinner silverware from teh freezer, my Coffe from the microwave(right next to the coffeemaker), and have begun to make so many typos when posting anything, it is becoming embarrassing. I do my best to proofread, but they slip through anyway. I am frustrated, I am angry, and I am lucky at the same time. According to the latest charts, the cancer has not yet spread beyond the liver. I am told by my Onc that if the Nexavar is successful, and the tumor starts to shrink, that either an ablation or resection might be possible. Unfortunately, they seem to think that I am not a good candidate for a complete transplant, which I cannot understand why. Anyway, I just needed to vent that out. Tuesady I get my latest lab results, and find out if we will double the dosage of Nexavar up to the full dose. It all depends on myt AFP #'s, which were so high that it was scary(over 18,600). Wish me luck folks, and thanks for listening.

My heart goes out to you, welcome to SupportGroups & feel free anytime to have a good ole rant, we all do it & need too somedays. Stay w/us & keep talking, it helps having cyber friends.

Thanks April. As Tuesday grows closer, I can feel my anxiety levels increasing. I don't know what scares me more...the Chemo not having an effect, or the dosage increase in the Chemo making it impossible for me to go to work(my private therapy for myself...makes things seem almost normal, you know?). I am currently at half-dosage, easing into it as the Onc says, and have been relatively lucky with few side effects so far, but this next step is a giant one, and I fear getting knocked down by the new levels of Nexavar. Can Tuesday get here soon enough? Not for me...I just want to know that myAFP levels have dropped and the Chemo is doing something other than making me feel ocassionally fatigues and nauseous.

@kthinsa - well tuesday has come & gone…how you doing???

Sorry I took so long to get back. So far so good. It appears that the Nexavar is doing something, as my AFP #'s finally showed a slight decline this past week. Oncologist would have liked to see the numbers drop a bit more than they did, but a drop is a drop. Just finally put on the full dosage of Nexavar as of 3 days ago. Now, the new anxiety is that Onc has put in referral for new CT Scan, in 4 weeks. That would give the Nexavar a chance to reveal whether it is shrinking the tumor or not. 4 Weeks of worrying, of hoping, of counting days, hours, is just mentally exhausting. I try to keep occupied to avoid thinking about it, but at some point it always creeps back into the mind.

Luckily I have friends that have been there/done that as they say. So overall, I am hanging in there. I figure, I have already outlived the first Prognosis span(2-4 months without effective treatment), so any else is gravy. As long as I can do for myself, go to work a few days a week, and not feel like I am a burden to anyone, then all is well. Now...if I can only stop rambling on and

@kthinsa - your doing a fine job, what a trooper & I understand, I too cry some days, do my damnedest to not eat/sleep/breathe it daily (I have copd), I exercise 3’xs per week to build my endurance, do my breathing exercises 2x’s daily & am 115days out from not smoking ;-), so yes, we’re trying to busy our minds huh. I think it helps to try to help others w/our experiences though I steer clear of site when feeling low, don’t want to come across pissy, yet I have sometimes. Keep being proactive & please talk here when you have time & feel up to it. High Five!!!

Thank you, and High Five right back to you! Congrats on 115 days, I stopped the day I went into the Hospital, August 27th, 86 days ago. Only recently have the cravings begun, but I just pop a tic-tac into my mouth and keep on going.

When I originally filed for disability back in 1998, the Social Security Doctor ran me through a battery of tests, the usual ones, Stress Test, BP/HR, and the one where you have to blow into the tube. As it turned out, the Disability Examiner diagnosed me with 60% reduction of Lung Capacity, but luckily, there was no evidence of any Cancer or emphysema...just mild COPD. Idiot that i am, I kept smoking, until about 2010, when I quit for 2 years. Had family come to visit, and before I got back to the house from picking them up at the airport, I had to stop to buy a pack of Family...My Father used to say: "God gives you your Relatives, but you choose your friends!" Never realized how right he was until that trip...smh.

Glad to hear you are doing everything to care for yourself. Keep it up!

@kthinsa - Geesh, we smoked the same brand Kools. I bought one of those disposable e-cigs months ago but never used it thank goodness. Wanted to wish you Happy Holidays, mine will be quiet so am making 10lb turkey so I can at least have turkey sandwiches :wink:

Happy Holidays to you as well. For the first time ever, I am not making a big Turkey this year, just roasting a couple of Turkey Breasts. Simpler than all that work. Besides, I am the only one who eats the dark meat Hopefully, I can at least get the same aromas going by seasoning it just right. To me, that's the best part of it...the smells.

@kthinsa - am doing that next year or taking a nice trip w/someone if possible, it is WAY too much work, I’m exhausted now & I did prep work days ago,.