Standard Northguy Ramble Getting a bit of a cold it looks

Standard Northguy Ramble

Getting a bit of a cold it looks like. Jack Frost took a real dump on us last night (yes, yes, i just ruined winter, you're welcome) and we've still got a winter weather advisory up for the day. I decided not to go to the animal shelter to volunteer today, Didn't want to brave the roads. Now feeling the usual mix of shame and guilt whenever I say no to something. Trying not to accept that as legitimate. It's my call whether or not to go, that habit of second-guessing myself is not helpful in the slightest.
Anyhow life is still going pretty okay. I've been a bit less obsessive of late,, though I could still stand to bring that down a little. Haven't done as much as I should, but I'm doing a little cleaning at least. Anyhow guess I'll wrap it up here for now, hope all are well.

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Lost my reply again grrr. I love getting snowed in. It isn't very cold here today just cloudy and in the 40s I think, not sure since I'm not even done with my first cup of coffee. What's it like volunteering at the shelter? I have considered doing that myself so would love a little info thanks

@Parent18 @Parent18 well it’d depend on hte place and what you do there.I basically help clean the cat room, so wash out the inside of the kennels, sweep and mop floors, swap out food and water dishes, scoop poop that sort of thing. I do that for an hour or two, somewhere in between generally, and then i hang out with the animals if I want to. When I have a favorite animal there, it’s fun, when I don’t its kind of a drag. The place I volunteer at is no kill which makes it easier to get attached to the animals since I know if they leave it’ll just be to a good home (barring serious medical conditions which can potentially lead to euthenasia). Overall it’s good for me because I need to get out more to ease my discomfort with that. I also give myself permission to spend a little bit of money on frivolous stuff for each hour I’m there just to help get my agoraphobic brain to associate the outside with rewards and not just unpleasantness, which helps somewhat, though it waxes and wanes depending on whether there’s anything i actually feel like spending on.