Standard Northguy Ramble Made out to the griefshare meeti

Standard Northguy Ramble

Made out to the griefshare meeting yesterday, so I'm now earning a D for attendance, heh. It was alright, talking about with people is nice, the videos alternate between good, boring, and giving me a case of facepunchingitis.
Facepunchitis is the term for the desire to punch overly smiley people in the face as they talk about horrible tragedies in a way that i imagine is supposed to be uplifting, but really just irritates me. Despite clear evidence for its existence, this term has not yet adopted by science.
But yeah, it's a positive so far so i think i'll keep coming to those meetings.
Terribly anxious this morning, probably just due to a couple of anxious days building that up in me. I made another phone and finally got the insurance paperwork knot untangled, and I will not be losing 300 bucks on that, so whoopee there. I'm just lying in bed now feeling like doom is impending but realistically i know this is as nonrational as a stomachache. My brain is just having a moment. It will pass. But probably not yet, I have volunteering at the shelter and another short errand to run tomorrow which will only build this head of steam my anxiety's got going I expect. But eventually, perhaps later this week I'll be back to a more fundamentally calm state. Can't come soon enough. I'll do what I can to calm down todya of course, but that's generally not a winning battle.
Anyhow i'll wrap it up there, hope all are well.

*waving* hi, how about funny videos on YouTube or music or go outside for fresh air

i'm really not an outdoors person, despite living in a great area for that. youtube is great though, i'm going to go do some relaxation with that now since i'm having another burst of high anxiety.

history suggests that it will not, i really really don't like it. I'm very aware of how it helps lots of people, and I've even read some of the science behind it, but that has not changed my experience.