Standard Northguy Ramble The lows are showing up again th

Standard Northguy Ramble

The lows are showing up again this evening. Not a shocker, yesterday's sleep got very weird so some mood oddness is to be expected. Still just no fun. I just wish I could quietly fade from existence. I do not want this, and frankly there's not much done by me being here anyone to even justify the aggravation of it. But of course I'll still be here grouchy as ever tomorrow, so no worries on that front. I'm just tired of everything.

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I'd rather you show up grouchy vs not show up at all.

hugs Northguy

Thanks ot the both of you. I'm getting a bit of the lows again tonight, but so it goes. Today has been good for the most part, so oh well. Here's hoping they don't show tomorrow.

Well its been an interesting day, got some new visual novels on my pc and was got pretty hyperfocused on that. It's sort of at the point where i can't quite stop for too long, even though I have for now, we'll see if that lasts. Sometimes my mind really latches onto something and disengaging from it makes everything else feel disinteresting and vaguely surreal. Anyhow I can't quite say it's been an okay day, too weird for that, but not too bad all in all. Here's hoping it does not worsen come evening as sometimes it does.

I'm sorry you we're having a hard time. I hope you feel better. It's hard to get through the lows, but some how we always do. Stay strong and keep moving forward. Hugs.

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You know that you are entitled to have a few bad days. But you also know. You have a lot of great days in front of you. Remember where you get your strength from. Remember how much courage you have. Remember how far you have come. Remember how great you are. For today is not a bad day my friend. Today is the day you prepare to become better. And one of the most amazing things I've seen from you. When you take a step towards success. You make us better. So thank you. Thank you for being you

Thanks everyone, here's hoping today goes better and I appreciate your encouragement.