Started training July 11, 2022. Every morning at least 5000

Started training July 11, 2022. Every morning at least 5000 steps. Working my way up in there. And swimming after that every other day. Swimming is optional. The walk is always happening every morning. Pushing myself through every obstacle. I feel amazing. Doing this. I am going to finish the race. Nothing is going to stop me now. Me against me.
Food is on point. Less is more.

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I'm 50 and weigh 186. i haven't been under 160 since 27.
I made a vision board that i look at every day multiple times reminding me of my goals.
first goal is 180.0 by August 11.
My age isn't an issue for me but i mention it because society tries to put labels on us to make us think we are limited by certain things. Age being one of them. For me, I don't buy into that.
My weight gain came from overeating and being sedentary. It is coming off from undereating slightly and being a beast with walking. The easiest thing for me to do because i have a track across the street from my house.
I am sharing this because if i can get up and move every morning getting 5,000 steps in a walk, so can you. your own goals.. you decide how many steps, how much time.
I don't assume to know your personal issues, but most of the time, we limit ourselves, we stop ourselves because we have been brainwashed to believe we can't.
I have had to Un brainwash myself, I have had to push .. hard. but with the focus on this un brainwashing by listening to the right things, hearing the right messages, we can do 80% more then we think. I listen to people like David Goggins for example. People who are living in a way i admire. I pay attention to what they say and what they do and i put it into my life in a way it fits.
My mindset is changing for the better everyday setting me up to accomplish my daily goals. Programming my mind to do what i want it to do.

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@LollyNews. That is fantastic! How long does it take for you to get the 5,000 steps in?? (2 miles?).

Yes the reprogramming our mind. To get into that new habit not easy to do. But it can be done. I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks and I’m learning to realize when it’s starting or my thoughts are drifting to get back on track. I have the feeling lurking and waiting to take off with anxiety. It’s a struggle but it works. If I can keep it at bay. I stay out of my depression.

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@Tropicalstorm. The morning walk helps with the anxiety. I am feeling better everyday even though it is still early in my training.