Starting a Blog has been VERY Theraputic Please check mine out

Hey Everyone -

Instead of writing in a journal I decided to start a blog. Now, I'm not a writer or anything, but it does feel good to get thoughts off my chest and down on a blog where other people might find helpful information - AND a place where others will also share helpful information too.

Being alone at home all day due to my mental illnesses has caused me to feel cut off from the world... now joining THIS site has been one of the wonderful ways that I've been able to connect with wonderful people - and I hope to meet more through my blog - I try to share uplifting stories, and also links to other pages to offer you more information. I would really appreciate it if anyone here would check out my site and tell me their thoughts... and tell your friends. Comment on anything you like! This is what my site is about:

Living with Depression

My battle with depression and the fight to reclaim my life.

I'm a 34 year-old woman living with major depressive disorder (also known as unipolar depression), PTSD, anxiety and agoraphobia. Living each day takes a huge amount of effort and it makes me question why I even bother. At the same time suicide is not and will NEVER be an option for me. I'm on a journey to heal. I don't feel particularly hopeful and haven't for a long time, but I'm not going to give up. I'll keep doing whatever it takes to make it through this darkness because I believe everyone deserves their happy ending.

Here's the link:

It's still a work in progress - and I hope no one is offended by me posting this - I'm just looking to give and get support as many ways as possible.


btw - I added under "Links to Check Out" on my blog THIS site! :) I hope more and more people find this site and find the help they need through the support that's given here :)

how creative and fantastic of u to do something so helpful to others

will check out the site and let u know but im sure it will be great

loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)

Thank you so much for your kind words domestic. Actually a few years ago when I was having more UPS than DOWNS I started a Depression Support group on MySpace and it was truly helpful all around. The site is no longer accessible (by me - I can’t remember my old sign in! lol!) But that’s kind of why I started the blog - same type of thing… I hope that people will find it though - because if no one does it’ll be kind of frustrating (I constantly feel the need help others (which is why I got a degree in Social Work and since I’m unable to work right now I’m hoping this will be my way of contributing SOMETHING) - plus it’s therapeutic for me too - so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see - I know there are a LOT of blogs out there but I want to be one that is constantly updating and adding helpful advice… :slight_smile:



i can find the site but and dont fall on the floor laffing i cant get onto it if that makes sense i copied and pasted the thingy u put up and i can see its there cos the blurb i can read says "she writes about her day...."

so click go i and a whole load of htings come up, tell me what to do step by step or turn it into a web link in your post so i can go straight there, im not very good at this yet :(

so feed back will be coming eventually when i learn how to navigate blogspaces

but till then

loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)

I'm not sure why it says "she writes about her day..." because that's not on my site?

On the top of the site it says:

"Living with Depression"

"My battle with depression and the fight to reclaim my life."

I would just suggest copying the entire link again and pasting in your browser... let me know if it works!!! :)

Thanks again!! :)