Starting Dec. 1st. I will be getting fertility treatment. Wh

Starting Dec. 1st. I will be getting fertility treatment. What would be some advice you thing could help me?

Hi Aceland. I'm a bit concerned for you. You already have on daughter that you say you are not healthy enough to raise. I don't want to see you have another child only for that child to also not be able to be raised by you as I think it will break your heart. Are you sure you are ready and healthy enough this time around? You know I am your biggest supporter. I just don't want to see you get hurt any further.

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@java I have been out of the mental hospital for a year and and half. I am on Latuda and been stable for a year or so. My daughter is still with the grandparents because we do not want to take her out of school. We are planing to have her back next school year. Thank you for your concern I appreciate it. But I can’t just live in fear. My husband and I want more children so my daughters not an only child this is very important to me. I need to try. Of course the safest think is to never have more kids. But I deserve to have a family, my daughter deserves a sibling. My doctors believe I am ready to do this and I will be carefully watched to make sure I don’t get worse. I wouldn’t get my daughter back till next school year. So my pregnancy I would just be taking care of me. I think it will work. I wish I was not the girl, and my husband could have the baby. But I have no choice, in that way. That its me and something I need to do because I love my family. I’m scared to but also hopeful and happy to think of having a baby to take care of. We will see maybe I can’t even get pregnate. I don’t know I can only hope. And not let mental illness steal all my dreams. Love Aceland

Be extremely kind and patient with yourself. A friend of mine it took her an entire year of treatments to finally be able to conceive. Now she has a healthy baby girl and is doing great.