Starting diet plan

i am starting a diet plan cooking my own meals and cooking on one day using the comfort diet book, having my meals ready portion control I am single working woman and dont have a lot of time for healthy meals. I work at a call center and get little exericise, so I have decided to change my body it will take work. I am swimming on the weekends as swimming if my favorite sport, and I hike early morning which I find is more fun than walking on a treadmill. I did buy a walk tape to get more activity in before work and after work go by the gym to do toning and ride a bike after work. Has anyone tried jazzercise if you have could you let me know if you like it? Sometimes group exercise can be be a motivation to work on as a goal, weight loss goals are to to loose 80 pounds. I am also going on a hiking trip in January to Florida. I would love some support as i work weekly on increasing my physical activity

cherylanntx hun,
wow, sounds great honey. you got quite the plan going on there. are you doing all this at one time or are you incorporating these wonderful ideas a week or so at a time. don't want overload honey. now i never took jazzersize classes, but i did dance at least twice a week and danced as though my life depended on it. meaing, with the dance i was albe to release my frustrations i had about my life that i just did'nt have words for at the time. my work outs went from 9-1 every friday and saturday night. my issue was alcoholism and dancing was i life saver for me. so darling give it a go. i was scared as i had not danced sober so my first dance was oohhhh but there was one person i tapped into that had the beat going on.....he later became one of my best of my favorite sayings is sometimes you just have to do it afraid