Starting over again

Sad and gloomy Monday morning :((

I binged again on weekend. I was in my village to help my grandfather with some stuff and it happened :( I feel so upset and depressed, it felt so good not to binge for whole 4 days :( I almost thought that I was able to fight this terrible urge to binge.

I am starting over again today, but I do not feel any hopeful right now. Sometimes I got the feeling that bingeing is unbeatable.....

It is so easy to feel helpless, I've been there! Feeling like it's never going to get better... BUT , thankfully we were not made to be hopeless, and if you're on this site then it means you want to get better!! Please try to let yesterday go. Don't let yesterday's binge effect today! (I know, easier said than done!) But if you are going to think about days past, focus on the the feeling that 4 days being binge-free gave you. If today is really hard and all you want to do is binge, try distracting yourself. Come on this site, keep putting off that urge, take it hour by hour!! We are definitely going to mess up, we just have to choose to not let that bring us down. Treat today as a new day :) You can do it!! We are all here for you to vent to :)

Hang in there and try not to focus on binge eating but on all the good things in your life.think of that you were able to make it those 4 days and that you can do it again.
It takes time for binge eating to become a habit and it takes time to break a habit, but you can and will get through this.