Starting over, again

Is anyone else trying to start over again? I am nervous to put a label on it because of the pressure I feel to be perfect.
I practically planned my relapse, I thought about it for weeks convincing myself that I wouldnt regret it. It took about 6 weeks, but now I regret it. The guilt and sadness from the loss of my sobriety and the frustration of not being able to quit again are overwhelming.

I would appreciate any advice/encouragement to help me get back to where I was.

This is life and these things do happen. Always try and never give up. Guilt will not help you, but determination and hope will, therefore do not despair, everything will workout well. Have faith and God bless you.

Hi Only...Looking at the road to your relapse was just an accident waiting to happen and something to learn from rather than feel guilty...Relapse starts w/ the thought and then it's about craving and obsession till we use...
The good news: Sounds like you don't want to go there again and this is great...
Chances are pretty big that if you stay w/ the guilt, you'll probably use again, so change direction...Can't change the past and things happen for a reason...Our experiences we wished didn't happen, are just letting us know, we need a better plan to stick w/ what we want to change...
Addictions ( of any kind) are a small part about the substance ( including food and all process addictions) and a huge part about behaviors...When we don't change our lifestyle ( eat, sleep, exercise, support, awareness etc.) we stay in the problem and are just abstinent...This can be a very exciting adventure of many changes and little by little...Forgive yourself and reset your path...You want it, you'll get it...:)

It's always hard to admit when a relapse occurs, and sadly, a lot of people out there can relate to you. When I relapsed, I felt ashamed, guilty, weak, alone, and like all those days sober didn't matter. The truth is, relapse usually happens before the action of taking a drink, using a drug, etc. occurs. The fact that you wrote your fears and frustrations out for all to see says a lot about your character and strength. I think if you're still using, you should look into getting an assessment at a rehab place to get you back on track. After I relapsed, I realized AA wasn't for me, but I did find a sober group of friends and a really good therapist who helped me get my sh&t together again. Hang in there, and just remember, once you've been at the bottom, there's nowhere to go but up.