Staying in thought

How to stay out of the thoughts of a mind . it is like in a dream but i can't hear the rest of me , my own heart , my own self or know the truth of what i really feel.
If a mind does not turn off ....what is that called?
God said i wasn't useing my mind right...he asked if it was the tegretal...i wasn't sure. maybe both.
Is schizophrenic...halucinations just religion? or can it be other things...see i don't know this. i have not spoken to anyone about it.
What do yall have a problem with?My thoughts were always and still is ...on God...not as bad as it used too ...but still from the time i wake up and untill i go to sleep it is like that.

i can sympathise with the mind that runs as if on a hamster wheel, the relentless churning of the thoughts of the day becoming mixed up with beliefs what others have said so that they take on a mind of there own,

religous is quite normal as it tends to b a conflict of knowledge and meds that become jumbled up,

for my daughter who has ocd and depression its torture if we have a different pair of shoes on the stairs at night she cant settle and has to clean, her mind is full of the germs we will encounter, almost cartoon like but nevertheless very real.

for me its the computer all these web pages how to find where to go and of course teaching myself to type with all fingers

loving thoughts and positive vibes

My paranoia centers around God and the devil and how I fit into that. I was led away by a cult leader 8yrs. ago. I almost killed myself and ended up in a mental hospital. I had delusions and fear, paranoia and physical manifestations of anxiety attacks that felt like burning sensations through out my body. I thought I was demon possessed. All of my paranoid and crazy thoughts stem from that event. It's horrible sometimes. But, to my utter surprise the things that I thought are not true. Time has told a different story. I have to look back and notice the real things that have happened in my life. Many good things. In the end I am thankful to be alive...Akita

and i am so glad u are alive and that life has provided many good things for u

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

domestic ...i had OCD too ...i did clean day and night took me three times scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees before i thought it was done. i did this everyday or night . i had this really i live in a lived in house
I chose not to be this way and i was not going to live where other people thought i was crazy.i hated the change...but i suffered through it...started with a towel on the floor and learn to like it...then somthing on my hand and learning to deal with it. it took a lot of time and patience and anxietie attacks but i got through it.
Akita....i had thoughts and feeling of all that manifestations were ..somone forcing me to do things so i would feel like somone is grabbing the back of my head spiritually....and angels hitting me in diferent places on my body trying to get me to stay here and pay attention, i would be walking in the hall way and i would get knocked around , then it progressed to thinking i was being choked (that is still going on), parallisys in the arm or legs,(but i think that may never come back i hope) but i will overcome as i have already prooven myself i could ...i am still learning to love God and he is still helping me ....the gavel has not gone down yet.


u give me hope that one day we will live in a lived in house, its not as bad as it was with my daughter but the baby had a lot to do with that although in the beginnin she was dire with him, the washing machine was going to leave home it was on that often :D

as always i find your words and humor inspirational

keep posting hon

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

Everyday I have thoughts that somehow I am demon possessed. The truth is, not knowing for sure is where it all stems from. How do I know that I am not demon possessed? Well, an answer like 2+2=4 is probably never coming in this life. So I have to trust and believe that I am not regardless of what my brain says and my feelings are. Sometimes it can be almost unbearable, then out of nowhere I feel better and I think clearer.

This has in a way helped my faith in Christ. I try not to look too much to myself for truth because my thinking is faulty. I try to rest on what Christ says about himself and me in regards to himself.

Jhn 6:37 All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.

apt words atika

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes