Staying together just because of our son

My Fiance have been together for 3 years now. We have a 19 month old son. We broke up last month for literally a day and he wanted to get back together. He demanded that I lose 20lbs and to change my attitude for us to stay together.
So I got this message from someone saying that he was staying with me just for our son and if I wasn't the Mother of his child that he would say **** it.
I care and love for him so much and it hurts to know that he probably doesn't feel the same way.
I can't see him with anyone else.
I'm starting to cry just thinking about him actually leaving me.
It's a lot more difficult just to say goodbye because of our son.
I really don't know what to do, if I should confront him and just straight out ask. But evertime I have asked if he still had feelings for me he would get angry at me and tell me to shut up.
I'm confused, I don't know what to do...

Welcome to I'm sure you really dont want to stay w/someone that your gut instincts & some here say has led you to believe your not loved. Confront him & ask & be prepared for yourself & child. A child deserves both parents for their development emotionally & physically. If your currently working & capable of maintaining your independence then you will recover emotionally eventually from how this relationship is making you feel. You deserve better, dont let someone treat you this way, your son doesnt ever need to see this man treat HIS MOTHER this way, I know this from experience & it can open up a whole other can of worms later in life for your child. Talk when you feel like it, we're listening to you.

Take care of you & all my strengths.


Most of what I was gonna say, April said already. As a formerly abused woman, believe me when I say you aren't doing yourself or your child any favors by staying with the father.

BOTH you and your son deserve a better environment and better treatment than this.

It's going to take great inner strength and courage to pick it up and leave...and not look back. And you DO have it within you, even if at this moment, it doesn't seem like it.

This is not only affecting you, but your son as well. He may still be a baby. But even babies can pick up on what's happening by the parent's reactions and emotional states.

Thank you for your comments. :)
It's hard because he is working to support the both of us and I'm only running on unemployment.
I would love to move on but it's so hard since I'm attached to him so emotionally.

Would be wise to read about co-dependency/self esteem on this site, that way you might want to tweak some things within yourself otherwise It may do more harm in the relationship then help the relationship, none of us are doormats EVER, it takes a long time to figure things out about ones self so its all up to you & you alone, we still love talking w/you & sharing & I understand when one feels stuck some days.

Take care.