Stem cells can help diabetics avoid amputation

more great scientific advance and research, stem cells therapy can be an alternative to diabetic amputation:

"It's not a pleasant subject, especially for older women and their families. One of the hidden threats of diabetes is that it is the most common chronic disease to decay or kill living tissue through gangrene. Gangrene from diabetes mellitus accounts for about half of all amputations not caused by trauma or accident in the United States. Secondary amputations within several years after the first are very common.

Over the last two decades, the University of Chicago Medical Center's program has assumed a leadership role in advancing the successful use of stem cell transplants for people with leukemia, lymphoma, and other cancers and blood diseases. Among the first to perform unrelated donor transplants, The hospital was also the first hospital to transplant stem cells in a child with sickle cell disease.

Gangrene usually appears after a person loses the blood supply to his or her foot. It is especially insidious because the nerve loss destroys the sufferer's protective ability to perceive sensory input--not only pain, but also pressure, vibration, heat, or cold. Gangrene thus sneaks up on people. It can quickly become life-threatening, especially when flesh-eating bacteria develop. "

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