Step forward

so today i told my mom about my problems with food and eating and at first she laughed... i was devistated! but later she relized that i truly needed help and is there to support me and i think were gunna get a book about eating disorders to help us learn how to fix this. i encourage everyone to tell someone they love and trust it helps alot i know its hard but just let it all out there and who know what might happen. i do feel a little embarassed but i knnow that in the end it will all be alright.

NEXT STEP TO TELL MY DAD :/ wish me luck
Keep on Keeping on...

That's awesome that you told your mom. Try and get a therapist to work through your problems if you can afford it to go along with the book as well. Good luck with telling your dad.

yeah i thought about the therapist thing but its not that i think im to go for therapy or anything i just am bad at letting our how i feel to people i love so how could i tell a stranger.. i know they dont judge you but i feel like they would.. i dont know hope it all works out gotta take one day at a time.
Keep on Keeping on....

I felt the exact same way but I will tell you even though it took me some time to finally open u to my counselor it got easier. that is the only way to move forward Trust me a therapist will be very understanding.its very important to be honest with them.
sharing here is also a good way to help you get it all out.
One day at a time one step at a time Im so happy you have your mom to help you through this.
It is very important that you have some professional help through this also. took a big step by reaching out to your Mom, and I'm glad that she is there for you. A support system is critical, but professional help is vital in order to truly recover. I know it's frightening to open up with people you don't know, but that's part of the ED also...trying to hide away.
Please keep sharing and take this one step at a time...Jan ♥