Stigma is stressing me out

I just got done status-yelling (if possible.. oh it is!) at every friend on Facebook about how inconsiderate it is of them to read my depressing outcries of help on there and they just move on to the next thing on their wall aside of one depressed person who only talks to me when I ask for help.. and just that. I am so sick of all these people in my life that I know have at least been depressed if anything that just shy away from mental illness like they'll catch it or something. It irritates the crap outta me. Does anyone have any success stories of overcoming the dreaded stigma which, in my case, might just make my depression worse at this point =\?

Hey Mishy,
Hope you are feeling less stressed. I understand there is a lot of stigma attached to depression, and yet while views are changing slowly, this is a slow process and will take some time.

What you might ask yourself is what are you trying to achieve by status yelling at people? Is it to make them more aware of depression, or make them more aware of you with depression. If it is the latter there is no shame in that, and you are simply trying to reach out to someone who can help.
Cherish that one person who talks to you - they obviously care for you, and want to hear from you, if you are feeling low.
And continue to talk to friends and family and here about the illness, it is through support and encouragement, that recovery achieved.

If you want to get more public awareness in regard to depression, maybe you could write an article on depression and send it to your local paper (from your previous post you are obviously a good writer)....or maybe set up a facebook page dedicated to depression, it's symptoms and how to help those with depression and invite friends to join. Depression has sky rocketted since the increase in unemployment so that may be a good place to start.

I was frustrated with depression, but during my recovery period I did a presentation for it during college,(it was one of our assignments and we could choose any topic) to just make people aware of the signs, symptoms, and places to get help. I felt think I had the courage to do that.

I understand how you feel, but try and remember that nothing good can be accomplished through negativity. And the biggest gift you can give to people who suffer from depression or have family or friends that suffer from this illness is the gift of understanding, because you know first hand what this is like.
It will make you feel one thousand times better, even just to do it for yourself, and if one person is helped, you have done a fantastic service.

Look after yourself and be strong.
Warmest Wishes
Moongal x

Oh yes, I felt better getting it out. Unfortunately few took notice, but I wrote that thing that you're referring to and that helped as well. I am the type of person that gets uber worked up about something, complains about it on the internet, writes something about it maybe, sleeps shortly thereafter, and it's all fine for the time being. Thanks for responding though! I read on wikipedia (such a good source, I know) about stigma and it really opened my eyes to the world and how stupid we all can really be, and have been for.. well.. ever pretty much. I have a ticking in the back of my mind that I want to find a cure to Schizophrenia and Depression since they seem to be my best friends. Writing a paper and sending it to the newspaper might be more cost efficient. Thank you again.

Hey Mishy,
I know what you mean. Sometimes you just get so feel like screaming...hey depression does not make me a crazy person...but how ironic that is...when screaming at people actually does make you look kinda crazy. But I understand the tension release, because you are hurting...1. from the depression and 2. from some people's stigma and perceptions of mental health issues.

If some actually delved deeper, they may realise it can actually physical - like an imbalance of hormones or inherited, there are loads of different reasons, but at the end of the day, it causes a lot of pain and upset for the suffers and the people around them.

I remember feeling like that when I got binge eating disorder - so much is covered on bulimia and anoerxia and nothing really on BED. I was so angered and I remember screaming at my sisters that I wish I had anorexia because at least someone would try and understand. Although I do realise anorexia is a crippling ED too, I just felt so misunderstood and unsupported.

But I am going to write something and send it to a paper or mag to raise awareness about the whole issue. It could act as a good motivator for me too :)

Keep emailing and letting us know about the progress

Warmest Wishes
Moongal x

Usually only those who have been through what you have or are presently going through it can relate and understand fully. I have had depression. I wish it on no one. It is horrible but I have come out on the other side each time. Now it is something that I accept about myself along with anxiety and I am taking meds to help deal with it. Took me years to figure out some things about myself and I am still learning, changing and growing. It really only occurred when I put down the bottle and got in recovery. Ah the growing pains are terrible some times. I only have a few close people that I talk to about everything. I am cautious about putting everything about myself out there on the internet for everyone to read. I have had people use it against me before and that hurts.

I usually put my ventilations online in places where people are able to see, but generally don't pay much attention. I have an online journal that no one that I'm friends with in reality are able to see so I can talk and talk on there and it works wonders after a bit of cooling. I've yet to encounter people using my online words against me although my mother keeps getting upset about my regular Facebook statuses.. yet she goes about it all the wrong way which, by means, is not correct at my state at this point.

I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes my anger of the masses being so close-minded gets me to heated that I just explode and since I have pretty much no life aside from the internet, it's there that it goes. It really makes me feel like people think that just because mental illnesses aren't physically shown more often than not, that it doesn't exist. My father's side of the family are big on no medication, that you can solve it by not actknowlding it or something I'm not really sure but I know that it makes about that much sense to me. My father once told me after my mother told him about my last suicide attempt that everyone goes through what I'm going through and it's not all that bad. That I don't need medication or therapy and all I need is to pull myself out of it. Needless to say, it didn't work. As far as I'm concerned, people that act on stigmas in the negatice aspect are just as bad as all those racist [cuss word] out there. It gets them nowhere short of their comfort zone.

Hey Mishy,
I actually put up something about that, on this site...I think it was ignorance is bliss...depends on who you are inflicting it on...I was just so mad at my sisters at the time.

Does your father really believe that? Because that really isn't true, I was the only one in our "gang" of friends to suffer from this. But if your father thinks that, does he suffer from it too?
I'm sure you have a life, sometimes I feel like that too, because I'm unemployed and I don't like going out drinking because sometimes I feel like I'm not able for that whole social scene yet, but I'm getting better and getting more social with my friends, it's just baby steps with me all the time.

The worry about people who don't heed mental illnesses, is that it could turn too late. There was a point in my life when i came close to just ending it, I'm so glad I had one friend who never gave up on me, but I'm sure other people thought, between that and the fact that I used to self harm that I was looney tunes...but I wasn't I was just really hurting and resentful, toward myself.

I think at some point you have to, for yourself, to people who don't want to know about it, don't take it as an insult, take it as their loss in a way...if you wanted to educate your dad, maybe give him a leaflet about it, or give one to your mom so she can explain it. (cos i understand the importance of parental support) Some people when they see it in black and white, it all actually clicks with them, that it is an illness.

Do you mind me asking, inspite of some of your family's responses to medication, are you on anti-deps? I'm on some and they are doing me so much good, it's unbelievable...the rest of the stuff I'm still working on but it's getting better. I'm looking for someone to email back and over each day to just, I don't know, talk to someone who understands about these things.

Hope you are feeling are on the right track, and you deserve a fantastic life.

Loads of hugs
Moongal x

I actually just messaged you from your post about having an email buddy haha. Good timing I suppose. I am on anti-depressants, going through a med change right now actually. My father really does believe that, even after he got diagnosed with PTSD from the war in Iraq or Afgani wherever he was. He only takes meds for things like headaches and high blood pressure. There was a time long ago after I got diagnosed that he, along with my ex for a very good reason, told me to get off the meds because they're doing nothing. I did. It was a very big mistake. Now I know five days without meds is no good. Two days is rough as well =\. My father is all sorts of messed up in the head. He just got convicted and got a slap on the wrist for beating his fourth wife's head into the floor.. 6 years after choking me to the wall so ya he's messed up. And doesn't take meds. Very scary. I've tried telling my father in a schizophrenic sorta way haha which is kinda sorta to the best of my abilities and it didn't work. After his father died, I cried on the phone to him to get therapy and on meds because I was afraid he was going to die (suicide) and he promised he would that next day (it was sunday). He didn't. And lied. Again. My relationship with my father is non-existant at this time. I'm done with his false hopes and empty promises and psychotic way of thinking.

I'm on all sorts of fun drugs, anti-depressant, anti-pychotic, anti-anxiety oh yes, I have a pharmacy practically haha.

Hi Mishy, I've read through your post and follow-up comments and I am really sorry for what you are going through, though I think that you are amazing for getting out there and trying to gain awareness. Unfortunately, a format like Facebook may not be your best bet because I have really come to notice that people generally do not want to be bothered. This is when you find out who your friends really are and where quality overrides quantity. If you have even one friend who starts to listen and supports you through your depression, then I believe that's a great achievement.

Even in my simple moments of need, I notice that "friends" are quite scarce. It seems more and more common that people simply do not want to be bothered with others problems.

Wishing you all of the very best and sending you tons of positive thoughts.