Still fighting the urge to contact. I had to sit 2 x 2-hour

still fighting the urge to contact. I had to sit 2 x 2-hour meetings with her today and two more people. The no communication contact is getting easier for me, after 2 weeks she messaged and called. But I was strong in not asking to meet.
But seeing them in person is a big test of strength, she was chatty with me, I noticed her looking at me a lot.
You do start to weaken especially when they talk and smile at you a lot showing the charm again.
The meeting is over I politely left after and now I am sat at home grateful the encounter is over. I felt my barriers weakening as you think of the love-bombing stage again but I'm reminding myself again of the ghosting and ignoring now im on track sticking to NC. My advice is don't meet them in person as they show you the charm and smiles again, you may weaken as I did but I got through it, Battling on.

Oxytocin is the love hormone and testosterone actually over rides it, which is good in these situations. I like that old saying that we teach people how to treat us. You are redefining that for her. You are not going to be treated poorly by her any longer. Unfortunately she won't learn the lesson. She has to get supply.

@Ducktape I Agree as she use to boast to me how all her exes kept on chasing her, saying they were weak and needy so she had to end it. These comments stayed with me and made me stronger as i thought I’m not going to act like that as that is what she expects. I imagine I have thrown her a curveball by acting indifferent? how dare i :slight_smile:

@Ducktape Oh, I imagine supply would be plentiful as she is attractive and in a high power job.

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