Still getting the better of me

i feel like i keep writing about stress, or maybe its just cause i always live it, but i, for the life of me, cannot figure out how to not let it get the better of me. I feel like every morning i wake up i never know how i’m going to feel. some days are good, then others i wake up annoyed and negative and already stressed out. i don’t know how that happens considering i haven’t even spoken to anyone yet. i wish i could let things go, but everything swirls around in my mind, work, money, life, then i worry worry worry. just stopped and took a long shower to make me feel better. don’t know why but something about the shower makes me feel like i can start over. i hope anyone reading this if having a good day. it helps to just write this all down.

Gee wiz I've done that & sometimes I can shut it off & others time I cant seem to, I do however shut alot of things off tv,cell,computer etc & just sit outside & watch the clouds, or a tree blow in the breeze or my dogs, sometimes that really helps. I be checking back to see if others have any helpful suggestions that havent been tried.

Take care of you.


Thanks April. That’s the advice i give people, but don’t seem to take it. I think i need to step away take a break and get some fresh air.

We DO need to listen to ourselves more :)

Victoria ~ Anything you can do to be more in the moment, sounds like it would be beneficial to you. Stress, well, seems to be norm these days for everyone. Candles, scents, soothing noises, things that provoke calm in you......look for them and embrace them!! I find that candles calm me in the evening, and soft music is great too!

Guess I can't really talk all that much, considering all the bitching I've been doing lately...LOL!!

hang in there and know we are here!!:)

Loves, Manic

And YES April, we do need to listen more to ourselves, our bodies, and out intuition!! I SO agree!!!!


thanks maniclove!

i think that sometimes bitching can be good to get it all out. And you are right about being more in the moment. I will try and focus on that and not getting too ahead of myself.