Still Unemployed, but not willing to just give up

I am one of the very lucky ones with this issue right now anyway. My family is supporting me still, I look for work through a group that assist. people were I live to start a small bussiness or some type of online income. Since the area we live in is mostly jobless, most of the year round, except for spring and summer. Everything just shuts down here economically, the people still really struggle, alot of them go hunting and feeze meats to have food throughout the year, and wood cutting to heat there homes, since electric heat they cannot afford. I know it sounds crazy in our day and age, but it's a reality here, certainly not one that I grew up with so it is very hard for me. I never worried about running water, or heat, or food, or shelter. Until I got older, as a child everything seemed to me it was going to be alright and everything would always work out for us in the end. Happily ever after you know. Now though, I worry all the time it's a nightmare. It's hard for me to sleep at night without one bad dream after another coming to me, and I'm so tired during the days, who has that much energy for work really. I'm so cloudy in my head with deppression and the aches and pains all over my body were almost unbearable today. Yet, I still am not going to stop or give up, I want to make a living at doing something I don't know for certain just what it will be yet, but I know it will do with my computer and either some type of marketing and somthing creative, since I adore the idea of being my own boss and trying to be artistic or crafty, in any way, really. With all of this going for me, who could really just not do something. I just wish I knew axactly what it was that was going to work out for me well, that's the only kicker, right there and a pretty big one too. I have so many ideas, but to stick with just one seems so repetitive and kinda boring to me, I just want to work it all into a nice wonderful collage somehow. Then I know I could be happy, just blend what I love into a way to make a living. Now that's the life!!

bubbles - that is so great that you don’t want to give up. i know you will succeed with that great attitude and you will find out what is right for you. look at this time as an opportunity to reflect and find what it is that is right for you and how you can blend all the things together. keep it up with this great outlook and you will see that it will take you far.