Still waiting on my bone marrow bio

time seems to have stoped since i was told all of this i wish they would just come on and get this test done so we can start chop im so ready to be done with it all. i have been so tired lately all i want to do is sleep, i know thats all part of this is there anything out there to help with the energy end of all of this?

ok so jan3 for bio and the 10 for results and to start chemo. man i keep loosing it i just fall aprt and cry all the time

My heart goes out to you, the waiting sucks the most, esp while you are waiting to get all the ducks in a row to get the healing going. I slept all the time, which I usually do when I am stressed, and read and cried and prayed alot. I also kept as busy as I could though my mind wasn't in it. Do you have anyone to talk to? That helps. It will be up and down, but you hang in there. Everyone here understands what you are feeling and we are here for you.
Keep us updated, God Bless...

thank u were are gettin closer now and its like life is in slow mo just gotta get thro wkend and then bio and wait some more, doesnt help i think i have found more lyphnodes that are swollen that were not before. and to top all of this off we might be losing our aptmant just cant make the bills , my husban bought his own tractor trailer about 8 mo agao and now all this, if you know of any programs out there to help keep u in your place exspecialy since i have cancer to please let me know