Stop everything go to walmart

no, really! I have a project for ya!
Ok - so The Living Art Movement is in full swing!
I am scheduled to do a 'Living Art' workshop next Thursday night at a youth center for kids dealing with depression, suicidal thoughts and other mental health issues... I AM SO EXCITED!!!

But me? how have I been? I hate to pop back in here and not be honest with my own battle... the past few days have been up and down. I've struggled with restricting when I was hospitalized - and then since being home I've been bored and down and have turned to binging... BUT I have done well and have not purged at all! (Do I at least get bonus points for that?) So last night I told my husband of my struggle... and he was very supportive and said I need to stop just 'planning my Art Movement' and start participating in some of my ideas. So, today, I will!

I just got back from Walmart. I bought a toilet seat. $6. That's it. I plan on 'purging' my feelings and struggles on it - maybe paint it - write on it - decopage it - something... anything!! And now my challenge to you... (if you are interested!!!) I WOULD LOVE for you to try to do the same!! For $6 you can participate in one of LIving Art's first public projects!!!

My challenge to myself to day is to USE MY WORDS instead of acting out on my ED. Anyone who has had to deal with fuzzy children knows this phrase well... how frustrating it is to try to help someone when they can't communicate what they need, want or feel.... countless times we tell children and toddlers 'USE YOUR WORDS' - so today I WILL..... by decorating a toilet seat!

I know it sounds crazy - but could you imagine the power of seeing a display of decorated toilet seats as you walked into a treatment center or at an art gallery?!? LOL How cool would that be?!?!

So yea, I think you should STOP EVERYTHING and go to Walmart. By a toilet seat for $6, prime it, paint it, write on it, color on it, draw on it, pour out your the words that are sometimes so hard to find...

It's time we start using our words! The possiblities are endless!


What a great idea! LOL! That WOULD make a statement! ♥

Maybe a good convalescent activity for me. Even though I haven't purged that way? LOL!

Love to you!


This is such a great, inspirational idea!!! I love it, and I am sorry that you are struggling but you seem to be hopeful and positive overall :)
GOod luck with this!! Sending love


Even though I'm pretty POSITIVE that you know this already, but I love you lol You are so amazing and creative and I think this is a fantastic idea. And I am SO going to do it :)

This. Is. The best idea ever.

No really! I worked on my yesterday and it was so awesome! I'm going to continue to work on mine today... even if you don't b/p find something to decorate to do the same thing... maybe an old plate?!?! Gah! The possiblities are endless!

I love it! What a great idea! You are soooooo creative.