Strange thoughts going through head

anybody that has bi poler, ever have strange thoughts going through your head almost all the time. than you calm down after the thoughts. i have it almost all the time. is it due to bi poler?i wish i had the answer to that question. anybody out there have any ideas on it?
the thoughts that are going through my head are, thoughts of mafia style things to get my brother in law so scared that he stops telling me what to do. i rarly let my wife tell me what to do. any ideas out there on what type of therapy i need or meds to stop the thoughts of getting even or scaring my brother in law?i understand he went to special school, but it does not give him the right to tell others how to do things, just my two cents. i am new to this site, so any thoughts, ideas, or places to go in durango or cortez colorado to see a mental doctor would be great.

Hmm, can't say I have a whole lot of advice to offer, but I totally relate about the weird thoughts that get stuck in your head. (I have a form of bipolar, too, so I think it could very well be related.) I usually just try to distract myself, which doesn't always work so well, but sometimes it at least takes the edge of. Another thing is to just keep reminding yourself that your thoughts are JUST THOUGHTS! They're not reality, and you don't have to act on them; they're just thoughts. You can't control them. Let them be what they are. But don't let them control.

Also, I agree that you should seek some professional help. I don't know anywhere in Durango or Cortez (though I'm a Coloradan too--huzza!), but I'm sure you can find some info on the net. Message me if you need a little help with that, and I'll see what I can do. But it should be pretty straightforward.

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