Stress caused my friend's serious illness

I received an alarming phone call from my friend, who is only 40 years of age, yesterday that she is seriously ill. Without going into the details of her illness, several doctors told her that this was all due to stress. She has gone through a lot of stress and anxiety over the past few years, most especially this last year. I was beyond shocked, because to me she is Super Woman; she is in great shape, hard working, an amazing wife and mother. She is now spending every day in the hospital receiving treatments, though there is no guarantee that this will remedy her ailments.

She told me that nothing is worth what she is going through, and told me that I have to slow down and have less stress in my life. She sees what I go through and what I do to myself with stress and anxiety. This was a rude awakening and I am really working to change myself slowly but surely.

This is something that I wanted to share with all of you; life is too short, too precious and too beautiful to put ourselves through unnecessary stress. Try to stop today [and everyday], take 5 slow deep breaths, enjoy the view, breathe in some fresh air. Let's try to slow down and take good care of ourselves.

I can relate to your friend. Stress really does cause your body to react in ways you cannot possibly imagine.

I constantly suffer severe asthma attacks and get admitted to the hospital each time.

Then, back in 2008 I had to be hospitalized for 8 days over x-mass because I was in sooooo much pain. The chest pain was unbearable. I couldn't eat a thing.

I also have a host of other ailments like IBS, acid reflux, etc …. that are all related to the stress I deal with.

The body doesn't react well to high levels of constant stress. The physiological response is amazing and scary too.

I hope your friend recovers and/or feels better soon. She is not alone.

LuvsHeadMeds, thank you for sharing your story about how your body reacts to stress. I am really sorry that you go through this and truly hope that you can find some peace in your life. I am constantly doing breathing exercises throughout the day to calm myself down and will also stop to get outside for a walk or run to let some of the stress melt away.

Thank you for you kind words regarding my friend. I am praying for her.