Stressed but trying to stay calm

I got my decission back about disability. They agree that I am not able to work right now but not that it will take more than a year before I can. The program that may help me get back to being able to work is a year long. I have also been in the hospital a second time since I applied. I am appealing and the fact that I did not get it made me break down yesterday but I think I will be able to deal with the stress. (including added stress put on my by my husband) I do not have a support group to talk at so it is you on here helping me hold it together.

Krazy, why did you appeal the decision...i'm a bit confused??

I am appealing the decesion because they say I won't be considered disabled long enough to quailify for benifits even though by the time I am done with the program it will be ayear and a half since the point I was told to not be trying to work the second time and you need to be unable to work for at least a year.

Sorry about how confusing my writing can be

krazy2001 i am sorry about the decision. so the program is separate from disability i am guessing. the program sounds like it is a positive one to hep you, and i think its great that you are taking it. i hope that your appeal goes through. i will be thinking of you that all goes well.


wishing u all the best with the appeal and hope that u stay strong

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

The glass is always half full girl. You can do this, I just started a fitness program to keep me intact with myself and accountability. I am reading self development books and they have helped me immensely. Stress is just how we perceive the different things life brings upon us. Take it one step at a time. The first step is YOU though. You got this.

Tools, how frustrating this all sounds! It sounds like a Catch-22; you qualify, sorta/kinda? Perhaps the doctor or your counselor can write a letter on your behalf. I'm glad to hear that you're trying to stay calm. That will help you a lot. I disagree about your comment about not having a support group. We ARE your support group, dear. And we will always be here for you! You can PM me whenever you want to, even if you just want to vent. I think it's important that we have that outlet, so I offer it whenever I can. One thing you can try, is to remember that you can't do anything about this over the weekend. So, put it on the shelf until Monday, and enjoy the next couple of days. :)