Stressed, lonely, and discouraged

I am feeling so stressed, lonely, sad and a little discouraged. I have been looking for a new job cuz I am just not happy where I am now working right now, I just can't take my manager and my co workers anymore, I am sick of listening to them talk about sex and weight and how much money they have and how pretty they are and how ugly others are. I am sick of there swearing and talking so mean about other people that are her employees. My manager plays favorites and she has this inner circle just like you do in school they are so immature. A friend of mine that I trust told me that my manager called me a retard and a fucking retard but I took what she said and threw it in the toilet and flushed it down, nothing she says I take to heart or take personally. She is so manipulative and that's why she still has her job. I just can't take it anymore I can't ignore them anymore, I just can't, I am ready for a new and different experience and opportunity else where, I know every where you go your going to have people you don't like but I can't stay where I am it's really taking a toll on my mental health and my therapist tells me all the time if she were me she would be gone. So I have been looking for a new job for a while and I haven't found anything and so I am just getting a little discouraged and I just feel lonely in all of this. I could use some encouragement please!
I work at a elementary school and I love the kids and I am going to be sad leaving them but I have to do what is right for me. This job has really made my mental health worse, it made my self esteem go down, my self injury/skin picking get worse and my anxiety and depression get worse, and my suicidal thoughts get worse. I have been feeling lonely and stressed more often and I really think a new experience and opportunity is what I need and it's what I want.

Please don't try and tell me or convince me to stay at my job I made up my mind and I want another job


to assist with some of your issues, may i suggest you check out is lots of info, resources, and support. there may be meetings in your area....saved my family.....this is my little suggestions on how in the meantime you can do something for you so that your better able to handle not only your job situation but also the moods/thoughts that taunt you.

Thanks Kathy for your suggestion, I am looking into the site right now. Love you so much!

anything i can do help hun, have a good one

Talk to us while you are stuck there. Put out resumes. Check out day care centers if you like working with elementary school age the 3-5 age group is not that far off and is really fun. Try other schools in the area.

You can find another job just hang in there in the mean time and scream and holler at us when you need to.

Hi Princess,

I'm in a similar situation that you are going through. I would suggest sending out resumes as well. While looking for another job, have you coonsidered going back to school to change career paths? That may help while sending out resumes. I'm working on another degree so I can leave my job as well. People will be people so removing yourself from those individuals may help you.Take it from someone who understands what you are going through.

Tune them out and don't let them push your buttons. If they know it is effecting you, they will continue. Sending a hug your way!!!

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