Stressed right now

Stressed right now

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THe man I have been seeing has been seeing me and anothervwoman....who is pregnant now..I have herpies vand take acyclover daily with lysine..he shows no sy mptoms ...and I'm freaking out here

OK, what is freaking you out the most? That he is seeing another woman? Or is it that you're afraid he may have given her and the baby herpes? (Only the mom can give it to the baby during birth)

@ColaWars I know about the other woman. She doesn’t know about me …

Well if he is the culprit who is given you herpes he may have given her herpes and She needs to know that but hopefully the doctors would teSt her. either way you should be telling him also

He doesn't have it .I do. ..and he knows I have it...but since I take the meds all the time is why I'm asking about it

Whats the issue im confused.

Do you use protection every time

So just because you take medication if you still use protection there is still a risk of transmittinG. The risk from women to men is lower but there is still a risk. I do have to Wonder why you would see someone who is also seeing someone else. not thAt it is my business of course