Feeling a lot of anxiety and a panic attack coming on. Trying to distract myself and I've taken 3 of my pills. I hate this. How do I stop it?

Hey HuntersMomma, Is there anyone you can talk face to face to? Maybe do something to try to distract yourself like go for a walk, go window shopping, get out of the house. If you can do something with a family member or friend that may help. I hate when I have had them. I know how bad they feel. Keep talking with us on here and try calling someone. I will say a prayer for you. ((((hugs))))

I hope you feel better soon! I know how you feel. I struggle with panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder. There is no feeling in the world worse to me than that in the middle of an attack! I am currently taking Aplenzin and Ativan, but I have been on several different medications for the better part of 15 years. I must say, I was doing quite well just taking the Ativan as needed. It sets in within 30 minutes and has really helped me get through the attacks. My best word of advice is to not fight it! I know that it is exceptionally hard, but if you just sit down, completely relax, and just let the feelings come without making a big deal out of them, they won't last long, and they won't be as intense. I read a book by Dr. Claire Weekes that REALLY helped me, and I highly recommend it to anyone that has an anxiety disorder! Please know that I am here if you need to talk. It is very scary to go through the constant worry and panic, but I am here to listen if you need me.