Stressing about my health

I constantly stress about my health, I was diagnosed with acid reflux years ago, but I constantly stress that it's more serious. I was also told my spine was out of alignment in alot of different areas, and it was causing my back pain etc, but yes, I stress about that being something more serious as well. my parents both passed away from Lung Cancer and I am constantly worried and scared about it. I dont know how to stop


I use to worry all the time. I guess I got that from my mom.
My suggestion to you would be to exercise. It releases chemicals that cause you to feel less stress. This time of year is hard for allot of people, including myself.
Both my parents passed away also. My mom was a smoker. 3 packs a day.
Try to be thankful for what you have and not concentrate on the negative things in life. It will only drag you down. You know your parents would not want you to do that.
Take care,
God Bless

i agree with everyone. definitely go talk to your doctor and be completely open and honest about what is happening and what you are thinking. talking to the doctor can give you peace of mind.

Also find ways to relieve your stress because stress is not healthy either. I understand that you are concerned about family history, but channel that concern into a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising so you can give yourself the best chance at a healthy life.