Strip Clubs

Okay, can one of you please explain to me the whole strip club thing? I went with my boyfriend and I just didn't get it.

I want to know a few things -


What do you HOPE to gain from it?

What do you ACTUALLY gain from it?

I am just really curious.

I'll give this a shot. First I understand the feelings most women have towards strip clubs, although in my own experience the women who are most opposed to strip clubs tend to be the ones who have never been to one.

a strip club is a place where a guy, any guy along the full spectrum of attractiveness, from goblin to gorgeous, can go and experience what life would be like if every woman he meets found him attractive. men like tiger woods actually live in a world that closely resembles a strip club, where women throw themselves at them (but in the case of rock stars and athletes the women actually like them ... sort of). at a strip club an average guy can, briefly, feel like he matters to attractive women, to women he might not otherwise even have the courage to talk to.

What does a guy hope to gain? No reasonable guy hopes to gain anything from a strip club beyond a couple hours of vacant ego-boosting, all of which should dissipate when he leaves.

what does he actually gain? I don't think he gains anything. nor, however, do i think he loses much of anything either. you can argue that he loses lots of money, that he wastes lots of money, and that strippers see them as the biggest suckers imaginable, and while this might be true, the actual exchange between patron and stripper never actually benefits the dancer. sure she might take $20 from him for a 2-3 minute lap dance, but a man can always earn another $20. A woman can never get that time back. and considering all the **** dancers have to put up with in a single night, and considering the long-term effects that dancing can have, the exchange gets worse for her over time.

there will always be one or two guys at strip clubs who will be convinced by the act sold to them by a stripper, and will wind up at the ATM machine, or worse, wake up in the morning surrounded by credit card receipts. most men know better.

but at its base, a strip club is a chance for guys to see hot women take off their clothes and flirt with them, reality be damned. this isn't part of an ordinary day for most of us guys, which makes going to a strip club fun. most men know to leave this world at the door as they exit.


Yeah, that's pretty much what the boyfriend says. It's not that I didn't believe him, I went and just couldn't understand it. I have no desire to go see men strip - just not my thing. Even looking at other men like my friends do - does absolutely nothing for me. Idk. Maybe I'm weird?

I don't think you're weird at all. Even if you've not been to a club where men strip for women, you surely know the atmosphere there-- it's funny, ridiculous, women are laughing a lot-- total opposite of a club where women strip for men, where it's got a kind of serious veneer to it, some guys are acting like big shots- in other words, the way people act at clubs like these says a lot about people, not the clubs. that said, when I was in college a friend invited me to a club that had a different theme every night of the week and the night we went was called michelle's xxx revue, and it was a club where women danced for lesbians (this was in los angeles), and the women there acted EXACTLY as you might expect them to act at a club with men dancing, except they were doing it with the women dancing. it was surreal.

WOW, excellant........

Beautiful Dizzaster

I think everything Ross said is true. I never been to one but I am not againt it. I don't think you're weird at all I think the same as you.



After talking to my wife I realized I should clarify that opening sentence, "The women who are most opposed to strip clubs tend to be the ones who have never been to one."

This is often the case not because women go and suddenly have their eyes opened to the greatness and glory of a strip club. Rather, they go and find out that their concerns about 'what goes on' are not as bad as they imagined it. Furthermore, I think they probably have no trouble at all seeing through the dancers' flirty veneers, and can probably see the place at the level of the transaction.

(And yeah April, it was excellent).

You guys are so funny! No I'm not opposed to it - like I said - I went, I saw, I conquored. I actually had one of the stripper's phone numbers by the time I left. And NO it's not what you think! She ended up being really nice. I guess maybe being a woman I just didn't see them the same way guys do. Some were really nice, some were absolute idiots, some were complete bitches and some were very heart-breaking. I guess the guys don't go in and talk to them about them and their lives. Maybe that's also why I couldn't understand it either?
Well - now I understand you guys go ga-ga basically to boost your egos in a rather superficial way. Sorry - was that too harsh?

What always pains me is that men go & have FUN (so to speak) & then women seem to go looking for another man/person to fill them emotionally because their angry at the situation & then get pregnant, diseases, etc instead of looking within themselves as to WHY they would meet up w/this type of a person to begin with.

Ross as always thank you for being forthright & where in the heck are the other mens opnions on this site, there HAS to be more imput w/this topic.

April - you kinda lost me on that one.

Not every man who has been to a strip club is a pig.

And not every woman left at home on those night is stupid enough to go find someone else.