Struggling Paramedic

Hello all,
I am new to the online support community. I have always felt like I could always fix anything that life has thrown my way. Except this. Looking for any tips/advice you have. I have been off of work for 6 months due to losing nerve function in both of my arms at the same time. I was lucky enough to have insurance, but had to pay the entire cost for both my husband and myself (which was almost all of the money I was paid on disability). I have thousands of dollars of unpaid medical bills and with my husband getting laid off we are on the verge of being absolutely penniless. I mean we have literally emptied out the piggy bank I keep for my niece and we have turned in the loose change we have to buy medication. I have deferred all of my bills as long as I can. I have no credit available to me. I don't have the money to file for bankruptcy (go figure, it costs over a thousand dollars to let people know you have no money!) Anyway, if you have any advice I am listening! Also, I have tried to make a website to do my own "personal fundraiser", but I don't really know a lot about computers and don't know how to go about getting this page even seen by people that may be able to help out. I have no dignity left anyway. If you know a place where I could get people to even see this site, can you let me know? Thanks so much!

Sounds like you've crossed the T's & dotted the I's. Can you babysit or take in roommates? Check in on elderly people in your neighborhood for a fee???? Walk dogs????

If your feeling better physically, cleaning houses can be helpful if need be.

I really feel for you & have you checked out the unemployment site here, there are other alternatives that may be of the assistance.


Great ideas for sure, but no baby sitting or dog walking as I can't lift and I still can't walk my own medium size dogs as they pull to hard and I can't maintain a grip on the leash. Perhaps cleaning houses could work. I didn't see the unemployment section, but I will definitely check it out.....thanks!

I was checking out roommates & even that is difficult, I had to do that 26yrs. ago just to keep things going & would prefer not to go back to it but we know how that goes.... & I dont have my career any longer so I understand what your feelings may be.... can be scarey.