Stuck in cycle

Hi, I have been restricting lately, and my ed voice seems to be getting louder and louder. I had an appointment with my primary dr. today. Does anyone else have trouble with Urinary tract infections. I don't know if its what I am doing to myself or if this is just a coincidence. anyway, I see my shrink tomorrow. He has been seeing me every week due to my attitude and depression. I usually get their and have a breakdown. It is easy to keep this up for so long, but then you eventually start to feel. that scares me. I wish I could make better choices. I don't want to be in treatment this summer, but it looks like I may not have a choice. Need advice.


Mk...I'm sorry you are struggling more. Some people are more prone to urinary tract infections, for many reasons. I don't know if there is any common denominator for this, but you might want to investigate soaps you are using, or detergents. I think sometimes, lack of nutrition can also make one more vulnerable overall for these things.
If you need to get extra help this summer, please do it! You don't have to suffer with this! You don't deserve to not get the help you need. Please do what you need to do to be free of this horrible disorder! Thinking of you..Jan ♥

There is nothing wrong with going into treatment. It can make a world of difference if you put your full effort into it. You need to do something to stop the cycle, and going into treatment can help that. is a good place to look for first hand reviews on different treatment centers. The top three I would suggest are Laureate, Castlewood, and Magnolia Creek. (All three have reviews on the website.) Going to treatment can be really scary, but the end result of the eating disorder is far scarier. You can call and talk to these places, even do the assessments, and it doesn't commit you to anything, but it might help you in your decision. Don't give up. You can do this.