When you put stuff to the back of your mind and not worry about them now because its not its not happening today or this month. How do you stop it keeping you awake at night or just effecting your life now.

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I don’t think that is possible. I think about suicide everyday since high school but it more living in NC because of its unrelenting environment. But if your happy overall, than it should go away like me living in nj. I talked with a female coworker at work. She told me she has depression. But in reality, it will never “go away” because the safety net is, “I have a job, i am okay”. For me, I am always this way, but i will never show it. Many coworkers do not see me in physical pain plus brain injury. I don’t show or tell it, because it’s not acceptable. It’s like if you can’t keep the pace in the pack, you will be left behind and this is how it should be as usual. If i was writing the backstory to lobo in puss in boots: the last wish next movie

It would be a story about a female puma named kiki and the wolf. Kiki is a bubbly, adorable, affection girl from my job that i really adore her. They are left behind and become good friends. During their time together weather cautions them to travel south migrating from Canada in unfamiliar territory when kiki falls into water not realizing that they are walking on a lake. Wolf always prepared for this scenario in his mind (“break the ice with elbows and fist in crazy mode”) but he is not the one in trouble and has always been a lone wolf saving earthworms from drowning or sun (“different side of characteristics”) because he has always been seen as the instigator of death (“showing the caring side”). He runs toward her and has no choice but to jump in, throwing her out. But he knows that there is no escape for himself. Ice can break all the time around him but there is no shoreline to get out. This should be the plot for why wolf is death in puss in boots. Because it’s something we do not see, from a character standpoint.

I’m always on this thin ice. I accept it, all i am doing is waiting to fall inside. But it’s been years and I really don’t like to foreshadow how I would like to go. As much as i would want to try i can not change who I am at the end of the day. I watch people steal from a store all the time. I taught myself how it’s okay to survive but still it’s goes against my rule book. I watch humans and i am always amazed by the outcome of there deeds. My wife gave me a great idea and i agreed with her. We should adopt kids who lost family members in Israel. I watched the video of graphic (“rule breaking”) human getting shot when unarmed running on the sidewalk. It made me think about going there to revenge. It’s not my battle, and there is very little i can contribute.

I think too much but i love animals and how they tell the story. Does anybody know who is that famous wolf on the box of “cookie scrips”?

It can difficult to clear your mind, that’s for certain.
You just have to find a distraction. I’ll open a book or put on some headphones and listen to something familiar that I can sing along to or something that can take you back to a cherished memory that you can reminisce on. Music soothes the savage beast (within)

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Have you spoken to a doctor about the possibility of medication to help?

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I have some Try not to take them… The latest bit of news was unexpected I haven’t told anyone yet once its done should be easier put aside for a few weeks.

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Medicine is there for a reason, but you obviously don’t like them, just know it isn’t a bad thing to need medication from time to time or everyday.

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Taking care of yourself by not freezing, drinking and eating. If you are not able to make it happen. You will experience these problems while you are sleeping. For example if i get a dry mouth, i would naturally have horrible depiction dreams just on the taste in my mouth. Drowning in a dream? Your definition of your chocking yourself. I self induce myself to these delima on purpose to understand dreams. It’s remarkable how little things could effect your sleep experience :sleeping: :relieved: :blush: :smiling_face: :two_hearts: