Success of the day

I have decided to think of one success of each day in order to help with the positivity and optimism on this site. Each day, I encourage others to do the same thing...and remember even SMALL steps count as HUGE successes :)

So today was a pretty good day for me! I was STARVING all day long which is really strange for me! I have found this week I have had my hunger cues return. At first I thought it was scary but then I realized that this is a GOOD THING! I no longer have to eat just for the sake of eating, but rather need to eat because my body is hungry and I need it. I have a pretty crazy routine with teaching so I have to eat whenever I get a chance. Having more small snacks and meals on hand for when I have time has really helped. This way....I am eating more calories than with 3 big meals and I feel a heck of a lot less guilty because I am not OVERALLY full at any given time :)

Today's food success.....bacon and sweet potato soup....yummmmmmmmmmmm :)

Awesome, Katie! That soup must have been really delicious :)

Awesome idea katie! Is that a timmys soup? Sounds delish :)

It was delicious!!! It was actually from a can! Baxters or something like that! It had actually bits of bacon in it...mmm super yummy.

Sounds delish!

That is great! Good for you! :) I am trying to eat a little more myself and listen to my body when it is hungry. Reading this is a true inspiration!