Success of the day

So my success of the day???? Nothing to do with food today. I realized something about myself. I realized that I need to establish a new identity beyond being underweight. Ed wants me to be known just as this......but I need more than that in order to succeed and beat this! I need to be known for ME and not ed. This may seem pretty obvious but it is a hard thing to wrap my head around for some reason.

Oh....and I ignored my moms comments about being sick and going to the gym anyways. Completley dismissed them :)

Katie I love love love the new oozes out of you <3

What can I say?? I'm trying :) How has your day been? Any successes?

Kinda, I made a post bout it!

Great way of thinking!

Your efforts to seek out your true identity, away from the ED, is a major step toward recovery! It's very hard to let go of what you have known for so long, but it's not YOU, and YOU cannot be as long as the ED is a part of your life. Wishing you a better day, and joys in your moments!
Jan ♥