Sugar Addiction

I am currently around 40 lbs overweight and have come to realize that I have a horrible sugar addiction. It's so bad that I honestly cannot help myself from eating at this point.

I am wondering if anyone else out there also notices a craving towards sugar (any kind) and what symptoms you have? What if you don't eat it for a day?

Personally, I can't go a day without sugar in some form or another, be it cake or cereal, something.

I am sorry to hear about your addiction to sugar, I know if I eat sugary things I crave them aw lot more and cannot stop eating them. I then get sick, with an infection and then I noticed when I keep them out of my diet I do not crave them as much. I wasnt much help, but I am here for you anytime you need

I have a sugar addiction also. There is not one day I don't go without it it's horrible it get's worse by the minute. When I don't have any sugar I get frustrated and I feel theres no point in life. I hope we learn how to put a stop or control such cravings. I am also over weight I have 50 pounds over my normal weight it is so frustrating! Just remember you have a friend here with the same addiction.


Hi Sugaraddict, I really believe that if you start to take small baby steps towards weening yourself off of sugary treats and replace them with healthier snacks then you'll be able to stick with it for the long-term. My mom has always had the biggest sweet tooth, though she trained her body to only take it very small amounts every day. She doesn't restrict herself from eating sweets, but she has learned how to eat smaller healthier portions. If she wants a pastry in the morning, then she will have 1/4 of it and maybe another 1/4 later in the day. As well, she will eat a small square of chocolate to subside her craving for sugar, but that's all she needs. She has maintained her weight for years now and is very healthy.

I am wishing you all of the very best!

I have a really bad sweet tooth and since I know this I make sure to work out and try y best to watch my calorie intake . I crave it daily along with frozen yogurt cravings , I could seriously live on sweets ( mm's ) and frozen yogurt and don't get me starte on my love for peanut butter. I am either doing really well with what I eat for months or it can go the other way , your sooo not alone on this.

Hey sugar addict. You are definitely not alone. I feel so helpless myself and it seems to be getting worse. At OA, AA, NA or other 12 step groups they tell you that this disease of addiction is progressive. I feel mine accelerating and I am looking for guidance as well. If you don't eat sugar for a day, it is a really good start. I know from experience - I have been sober from sugar before. The problem with addiction (any kind), is after you have a period of sobriety, you will start to feel good, even "normal", then you think, "oh, I am doing so well, one dessert won't hurt". The next thing you know, you are back to where you started, which is not a happy place. I know, I am at that place right now. It has been my experience that it takes about a minimum of 3 days, the so-called "white knuckle phase" where you have to just be strong and get through it. After this phase it is not so hard and you don't really crave sugar. Although this part may take a week to two before you don't have any cravings. Well, if I know all of this from experience, you may ask, "then why aren't you doing it"? It is the power of sugar and it has its claws in me. Good luck to you. I hope this post helped in some way.



I commend your mom for having such control, but it doesn't sound like she has a true addiction to sugar. Like, for me, I can't eat just 1/4 of a pastry. Just this morning, I ate a good size piece of king cake and then I ate another piece. No there is none left. I think that it is great that she exerts such control, we all need more of that, but I don't think she is a true addict. (with all due respect).


I love and hate sugar all in one. It torments me daily. I can't stand birthday parties sometimes because my favorite is cake. We can't have any left over after a party or I will eat it all. I want to get control over this.

I have no doubt that I have a sugar and sweets and breads and unhealthy carbs addiction... Mine is kinda medically explainable though, I have insulin resistance. My body doesn't use insulin correctly, so it tells my body to make more to try to balance out, but that insulin just makes me crave unhealthy stuff and if I eat the unhealthy stuff I make more insulin... Bad cycle. My love of sugar started a long time ago, I loved to bake. It progressed, I'm an emotional eater and I went thru LOT of strong emotions for the last number of years. I have some depression and anxiety issues, and went thru some really bad experiences for a few years that caused that and those things cause higher cortisol levels in your body. Cortisol is bad, it makes your body store all that unhealthy stuff you eat right around the middle. I'm on a short road to diabetes if I don't drop the weight soon, and I hate needles so I can't be diabetic! I've started with a weight loss plan to try to get myself headed in the right direction. I have an issue with will power, so the first thing I had to do for me was a 24 hour fast, only clear liquids and no salt or added sugar. It SUCKED! I hated it. Years ago when I was healthier I used to fast about every month or so and it was never that hard! The first time I tried, I failed... So I tried again a week later and succeeded. If you're trying to lose weight you don't want to fast too close together or it'll have the opposite effect on your body. Once I got a little more will power under my feet and broke the insulin craving cycle down to a more managable level, I wrote out a diet plan and count calories, fats, carbs and sugars. It's a thoughtless thing for me to just pick up the unhealthy snack and eat it so I have to make it hard for myself to just grab a snack. I have to have that extra couple seconds to think about what I'm doing and what I'm trying to put in my body. I had to retrain my brain to see the snack cabinet and think "Fat." and "I need to give my body nutrition." If I eat unhealthy and bad foods, I feel like I'm dragging and grumpy and just feel bad all day, so the choice went from "What's going to taste good" to "Want's going to make me FEEL good" and it's helped. I also kind of made it a game to see how much nutrition and vitamines and nutrients I could get into my daily calorie count. Is it a perfect system? Nope. I have bad days... Like the one where I ate a pint of fat free frozen yogurt straight from the container while sitting in the corner of the kitchen because it's the only place I can put the baby gates up and really get space from my kids sometimes. Then I figured "Aww, what the hell..." I was already eating stupidly and my calorie count was blown for the day, so went from the frozen yogurt to the half used container of chocolate frosting in the fridge which I scooped up with the spoon and licked like a lolly pop. (Actually seeing the words it seems REALLY bad) I got to the second spoonfull before I caught myself and had to consciously remind myself that that was exactly the problem. I needed to remember that just that one MORE thing really IS going to be bad. When my husband was deployed for a year and I only had healthy food in the house. I had no chance of mindless eating. I lost 12 pounds in one month. All together for the year he was gone I lost 50 pounds just off of changing my diet. Most of what I lost was in the first few months.

It's late and I'm rambling and I don't know if anyone actually cares to hear about my experiences or if I'm just annoying people with a really long post with too much information, so I'll say good night everyone.

I often have a sweet tooth after dinner in the evenings. When I crave something sweet, I try with all my might to reach for a piece of fruit that has natural sweetness to it, vs. the processesd and refined sugars. Then, the times I end up giving in and satisfy myself with a DQ Blizzard, I think of all the times I had grapes instead, a pear instead, a generous helping of blueberries, a few slices of watermelon, etc. I'm amazed at how it seems to fill the sweet tooth craving.

Although it may be easier said than done, reaching for some fruit gives you the added benefit of being nutritional (vitamins and fiber)!!!