Sugar and cancer

I finally got the info I needed to change my Consumptions habit and I thought you would like to know. Cancer, in essence, fertilizes or feeds off of sugar. So best to stay from carbs and, well duh, high sugar foods.
Just as FYi.
A friend of mine told me lemon grass tea is also very good to fight cancer. Sounds like chemo is only half of the job.

Very good choice! Our family has completely rearranged the way we eat since my husband's diagnosis. We shop at farmer's markets and do our best to only purchase organic foods. Especially meats!

Green tea is another anti-cancer drink. Also, garlic is known for it's cancer fighting qualities, too!

Actually while this is true, it's also a little misleading. The notion that cancer cells feed off sugar comes from the PET scan; cancer cells 'light up' a scan because they process glucose at a quicker clip than healthy cells.

However, ALL human cells get their energy from glucose; so you can't starve a cancer by cutting off processed sugars. If that were the case, you would also be starving your healthy cells as well.

All that said, it's always a good time to change one's diet and reduce sugar intake, despite those commercials running right now for high fructose corn syrup, "Your body can't tell the difference- sugar is sugar"- yeah, and whether you call it sugar or corn syrup it's still ****** for you!

Well said Ross.

Ha. :) Funny, Ross!

And is not the sugar its how it is processed that is posion to our bodys.

There is a Supplement called IP-6 with Inositol that apparently helps fight cancer and some believe it stops it from coming back. It also has many other health benefits too. There are no side effects with taking it. I did some research on it and bought some and started taking it but soon found out that I couldn't take it during Radiation. Radiation is an oxidized treatment so you are prohibited to take any antioxidants, ie, vitamin A, C, E., including IP-6. I will start taking it again once I finish radiation.
To go through life with out any sugar is miserable. I understand that we shouldn't over consume it but neither should someone without cancer.
I think it is important to eat well to keep the immune system healthy and productive. After all that is what this type of cancer is all about. :)

I really like your post here. Personally I’m not much into nutritional supplements in pill form as a general rule, but what I like about this is that you’ve done some responsible reading about this particular item, but you’ve weighed that knowledge against your current treatment-- in sum you’ve taken a very responsible approach to ascertaining the risks and benefits of a ‘fringe’ treatment like IP-6 (I only call it fringe because most of the studies carried out on it thus far have taken place in the lab).

It is all too common to read of people overcome by frustration and willing to swing their sentiment one way or the other heedlessly.

I don’t know if you caught Sloan-Kettering’s entry on IP-6 but it’s really good, well sourced.


I belive it is an enviromental cancer

Thanks Ross,
I am going to continue taking this once Radiation is over....if anything it is still a great resource.

Hey Ross! Thanks for your post. You seem well informed and I appreciate that. But, here's a little sumpin sumpin I came across recently on a late-night talk show Coast to Coast with George Noory. Just the other night he had a guest on by the name of Dr. Leonard Coldwell who, after checking hm out, has several self-help books, tapes, etc.

After listening to him streaming off the archives of the coast to coast site, I remembered he suggested taking a "Tojan Horse" tonic. Here's how it goes: Purchase pharmaceutical grade biocarbanate (baking soda) and makie a paste with organic maple syrup (sugar). Eat it with a spoon. The tumors will then glom onto the sugar, but be thwarted by the alkaline in the baking soda! Sounds good, but does it work? I dunno. His theory is that cancer is "activated" (?) when our Ph levels are off...

Great posts! Hope you're feeling well enough to continue posting.

Good day(s)!

Thanks for the response. In my opinion- and this is coming from someone who has never been given a cancer diagnosis so it should be taken with a grain of salt-- George Noory and his show, together it’s a great success not because George believes everything that his guests have to say, or his callers have to say. Rather, if you listen closely, you’ll hear that in fact Noory is just an outstanding listener. He isn’t judgmental. he does a lot of speculating, but he’s into raising questions, not answering them.

Which is one reason why he has on his show guests like Leonard Coldwell. I think people refer to Coldwell as ‘Dr. C’ or something like that.

I put Coldwell in the top 10 active Cancer Jackasses operating in the world today. The quote that he likes to pass around is

“I am the doctor that has, in the opinion of leading experts, the highest cancer cure rate in the world.”

This statement is contingent upon many things, among them-who is he calling ‘leading experts’? He associates with Kevin Trudeau and the Health Ranger from NaturalNews, easily the biggest cancer jackass on the planet. These guys are money-making machines, it’s what they’re good at. And feeding conspiratorial flames.

Dr. C makes lots of claims he never is challenged to back up. But he has taken loads upon loads of money from people, sick and not sick. Listen to him talk, you’d be convinced he’s only ‘cured’ one person of cancer- his own mother. And even that has no proof.

He believes that the statement “early detection saves lives” is a blatant lie. He says “Early detection simply means the instant start of suffering due to mandatory treatments and the loss of quality of life, pain and suffering and an inhumane death … Why do I know this? I cured my mother of liver cancer that was in a terminal state over 30 years ago without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.”

Were he an actual scientist, he would know that an anecdote does not translate as data.

Finally, the alkaline theory of cancer treatment is flawed at the biological level. We’re always in balance, and in the brief time that we’re not, our bodies work to balance out the Ph levels. Stay one way or the other for more than a few minutes and you’re in lots of trouble. It is true that when cancer cells are submitted to that imbalance in the lab, they inevitably die.

But that’s because they are still human cells. Cancerous yes, but human too. And that’s what human cells do under those conditions. It does not, no matter how much that prick likes to sell it, amount to a cure.

Sorry, I just fucking hate that guy. He makes me sick.


I'm with you on sugar. Icky sticky stuff, only fit for heffalumps and woozles. (I know Tigger said that about honey, but I like honey). Too much refined sugar is responsible for a lot of health problems here in UK, and from my limited experience in the USA, I think there as well. I've never been a great fan. Lemon grass tea is good for a lot of reasons, as is ginger tea.

I'm with Ross on supplements, though. Coming from the north-west of England, I have a naturally high content of cynicism. There are a lot of snake oil peddlers out there, and they're not too proud to take money off cancer patients. If it was that good, why don't doctors tell us to take it? There's room for a conspiracy theory there, I know, but come on. When I first found out I was ill, I had a lot of bizarre things suggested to me, many of them involving huge quantities of carrots. I stuck with chemothereapy in the end. It did the trick.

This is an environmental disease. I had it, and I've been in lots of environments, so it must be. I guess a Nobel prize could come with proof of cause of HL. I took azathioprine for a while, for arthritis, and had the pack ripped from my hand when I was diagnosed with HL. It can contribute, but I wasn't on it long. I think it was just rotten luck when all is said and done.

Hey Calicricket! I really liked your post and thought you might wanna mosey over to the "Juicing" thread. Lots of good info there - under Non-Hodgies Lymphoma, but you're welcomed anyway :) Are you from California? I'm in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas near Tahoe...

Thank you Ross for the Sloan-Kettering research information. Interesting "light reading"! Have it bookmarked for future research time :)

As I posted earlier on the "Juicing" site (?), my ears aren't tuned to the German accent, so I lost a lot in translation- or did I ? Ha!

I agree with you! Dr. C did nothing but act as if he, well he actually was, using Noory's show as a platform for an infomercial. I noticed he wouldn't directly answer George's questions, but would go off on a tangent of anecdotal stories, then pop onto another subject. Then, a few days later, George had on another cancer doc, can't recall his name, but he refuted Coldwell's theories just as eloquently as you! George just threw out info in the form of a question that came directly from his interview with Dr. C.

I'm going to Coast to Coast now to pick up that interview from the archives. Thanks Ross!

I trust your opinion, so 'nough said on Dr. C! What a whack job!

Good Day(s)!