Sugar Truth #4: You can enjoy some sugar: The problem is not

Sugar Truth #4: You can enjoy some sugar: The problem is not the teaspoon of sugar in your coffee, and it's not the small slice of homemade cake that you occasionally enjoy. The problem of sugar addiction is caused by excessive amounts of sugar that we are accustomed to eating from processed foods. Once you know how to avoid this sugar (and yes, it's incredibly hard to find it all,) you will know that you CAN enjoy some sugar without gaining weight or endangering your health. Now here's a very scary statistic that shows just how modern sugar addiction goes: tHE AVERAGE AMERICAN CONSUMES 152 POUNDS OR 69 KG. OF ADDED SUGAR CONSUMPTION EVERY YEAR! In the UK, the numbers aren't much better with 109 lbs (49.5 kg). Australians consume 117 lbs (53 kg.) and keep in mind the numbers are higher to teenagers. Now contrast the World's Health Association's recommended maximum daily amount of added sugar (including natural sounding sugars like "fruit juice concentrate)7: 25 grams per day, which comes out to about 6 teaspoons. That's all! So where is all this sugar hiding? (agave nectar, beet sugar, cane juice, coconut sugar, corn syrup (including high-fructose corn syrup,), grape sugar, honey, juice concentrate, maple syrup, molasses, palm sugar, rice syrup, wood sugar, yellow sugar.) These sugars are in many foods you don't expect, such as -- foods that are not sweet,, like crackers and tomato sauce. They can be found in shockingly high amounts in "natural foods, even those granola bars you picked because there were no chocolate chips in them -- but didn't know that they had so much "honey" and "maple sugar" . You might as well have eaten a candy bar. The same goes for many reduced or low fat versions of sweets, to which extra sugar is added to made up for the difference in taste. Because it doesn't matter how healthy it sounds, it's still sugar. These foods are designed to make you crave them, which causes a blood sugar spike and then a sharp crash, which only makes you crave more. When many of us are struggling valiantly to watch our weight and eat all kinds of ""low fat," healthy foods... when unhealthy, processed foods are cheap and available...when nearly 70% of us are overweight or obese and ....when a rising incidence of diabetes means our children are likely to be the first generation with shorter lives that our parents....It's not us. It's not our genes and it's not our willpower and it's not our lack of individual responsibility that got us here. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! Now that you know the truth, you can take steps to break your sugar addiction....(without giving up sweets! What we need to do is to begin to cut out processed sugar from your diet. Unprocessed sugar, like in fresh fruit is the good stuff that you need and it'll help you detox from the harmful processed sugars. Source: 7 Jaslow, Ryan (March 5, 2014) World Health Organization lowers sugar intake recommendations. CBS News
On Monday, the discussion will move to how to detox from sugar. Why not re-read each of the "Four Truths about sugar in my previous posts.

I am getting much better at this, I just don't buy a lot of things that I enjoy anymore, if it isn't here, I can't eat it!

@CKBlossom I’m glad that’s working for you.

I am new to this. Any advice or direction would be helpful.

@Cynthiasue Welcome to our site. If it’s advice regarding sugar, check out my post, “How to Detox from Sugar.” Lots of great folks in this group with good ideas and great support. Welcome aboard!