Suicidal feelings are overwhelming me today with no real tri

Suicidal feelings are overwhelming me today with no real trigger why does this keep happening to me all the time I need help

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It passes hun, trust me.

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@rumad I reaaly hope so and soon

why are feeling such things?

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@AnnaCh Im surrounded by negative people and I can’t escape people constantly talking down and making me feel like less than a person I guess that’s what it is

New here, but I keep reading messages so similar to this over and over. And no one says why exactly. I see you belong to the bipolar group also. Is this why you feel that way? Or another reason? Most ppl that are bipolar are on meds. Are you off, not taking them regularly? Lot of people here to listen and care enough to try and help. Just give us more information.

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@jim111 yea I struggle with depression and bipolar disorder I am on meds but not sure if they are the right ones maybe they need adjusting. I’m really hard on myself cause I want to be a better person but when you have people around you that your faking or you just want attention is very hard why would I want this for myself I’ve had to deal with this since I was 13 and I’m 30 now is this just what my life is supposes to be?? I can’t do it

@kaamini I just don’t know how

Sometimes we just get strange thoughts that roam through our minds. ^_^ It can be from a lot of different things. Chemical, needing to eat, sleep, talk. No worries you are definitely not alone we are here.

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@pinkmermaid yea my mind is wondering a lot your right I wish it would stop I’m thinking about the dumbest things I can’t really repeat it on here cause its really bad

No worries I can tell you are a great person I also have issues with my mind wondering like when I was a kid I had my social anxiety so I would stay inside instead of going outside in school and I would sit at my desk and just think. I would get a huge amount of pleasure just making up my own worlds leaving this one.

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@pinkmermaid that’s how I’ve been and to some degree I still am I isolate very much barely go out of the house or have contact with others I find its easier for me because I don’t have to explain myself to anyone

I'm sorry you are going through that I understand all to well. I am actually forcing myself to meet three new people this week some friends of my husband. He just made them at his school. I am a little scared but also excited to have a chance at some new friends.

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That sound nice I hope all goes well with that for you maybe one day I can push myself out to meet some new people

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@kaamini yea that’s true its going to take some deep thought to actually figure out the good things in my life because honestly there are not many but its worth a try thank you

Thank you I'm sure it will I just need to try to be myself and not what I think they want me to be.

@pinkmermaid yea that’s all you can do it will work out for you

Thank you^_^

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@pinkmermaid your welcome

Hope your feeling better now