Sun rash

The past few years, I've become highly sensitive to laying out in the sun. I started becoming very itchy afterwards. Mind you, I wear spf like 100, wear a hat, and always try to stay under an umbrella. A while back I went to see 2 of my dermos, and they both seemed to think I have a mild for of eczema. This only happens when I'm in the sun for an extended period of time. Just recently got back from Mexico, so now I'm a bit itchy once again. Half is due to mosquito bites but the rest is certainly a reaction to too much sun. Anyone have this problem?

xo, July

July, I'm sorry that you're having this reaction to sun. I don't have this specific problem, but a close girlfriend of mine does. She's in her late 20s and it started a short while ago. She can't seem to figure out why. I'd love to know if you find anything more out about this so that I can pass information on to her.

I’m in my late 20’s too. Maybe it’s an age thing. lol
Will keep you posted.

xo, July

I wish that I knew and could help more. It could be skin changing as we age and it's less tolerant. Could it be your sun block or exposure to chemicals in the water? Or is it any time that you are in the sun. I had sun poisoning once when I was in Waikiki and the doctor told me that I was over-exposed to chemicals in the water in combination with the heat. As well, it could be more of a heat rash...wish I was a doctor and could help more.

Don't know whether this will help much but my eczema gets much worse when its been exposed directly to sun.

Good Luck, Annie