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I am the parent of 2 grown children, both diagnosed with bipolar disease. My son, the eldest, is also an alcoholic and drug addict.

Kbow, gosh you really got your hands full wish I was there to assist you. My husband of 19yrs is bipolar/schzoid/BPD & alcohol dependant, it IS emotionally exhausting to say the least, from what I have learned bipolar is a genetic link (which says alot about his family issue)from what I experienced meds cant always be the magic bullet, the body build up immunities at some point in time & then meds either have to be upped by dosage or a new one introduced (a whole nother animal) its is a life long battle, am not even sure how good behavior modification included w/meds remedy some relief for this disease, might be helpful for younger people tho, & have heard that it is helpful for them to have calm, consistence, environments cause the episodes can be explosive I've witness that many occasions, my husband isolates himself to a point that noone really goes near him very often (sad but true)these are your kid so one must keep going huh.
What types of options have you currently been offered if you dont mind me asking? Talk when you feel like it cause your hands are very full & I understand.

Take care


Be glad to share, the story is long, and heartbreaking! I was reading through some old records from his first admission to drug/alcohol rehab at age 19, he had been using a variety of substances (including alcohol)since he was around 12 yrs old (I had no clue). He has been in several detox/rehab facilites, in my local hospital, on the streets, and in jail. For many yrs, naturally, I blamed myself, but I do realize that these are his diseases. His behavior has burned nearly every bridge with his family, even me. In the past 6 weeks or so, he has been homeless, in Emergency Rooms x3, admitted for detox x2, is apparantly currently in “Mission” that provides rehab to homeless/poor. At the beginning of this 6 wk downhill slide, he called asking for help, my husband and I drove 2 hours late at night to rescue him from underneath a bridge in a very dangerous part of the city - he was in the worse shape I had ever seen him; by the time we got to the hospital, he was verbally abusive and physically threatening, refused to be seen. Ah, and he’s currently on probation for felony drug charges. He was on Celexa, Mellaril, and Trazodone…mostly continued to self medicate with other substances and alcohol. It’s been heartbreaking watching him slowly kill himself.

To further my story…my husband has terminal cancer, doing pretty well, continues to work. My adult daughter has bipolar also, does fairly well, as long as she stays on her meds - but she had abused both of my grandchildren and they are now safely living with their dad.

No contact with either of my kids :frowning:

Kbow, my hats off to you with all of this & it truly makes us or breaks us. It took me 2yrs. to rid myself of the guilt I felt w/my own boys (now 26, not living @home & 18) I just did not have the knowledge,guidance, wisdom, nor enough time & learning alot of that just the past 5yrs. of what I placed directly or indirectly in our path of life, its a long emotional (enriching tho) journey & my kids are old enough now to realize that we are only human & always learning like they are. I did read your post on your husbands cancer, that IS top priority for you, my mother died in '81 of brain cancer so I can feel what your feeling (now am getting teary eyed) Ross has experience in alot of that it seems so its good that he responded to you huh, I have faith it can help & someone to relate to w/this.

About your kids they will come around one day & figure out this is not what they wanted for themselves or the ones they loved that they treated so badly, after all they are kid still absorbing life lessons. I'll be thinking of you & please keep talking when you feel like it.


Thanks so much April!

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