How long have you all out there had bouts of depression, this one l am having just goes on. I get tired of it & l know it can last, but gezz people are not calling any more and l just don't feel good or get out much. Much needed support & l will return back. Thanks

Hi. I have suffered from depression off and on since I was sixteen, I'm about to be twenty four so it's been a long time. I have suffered through many levels of depression but I try like hell to not let it consume me because I know if it does, that is a very hard road to come back from. I'm here to talk and support you.

Thank you for the reply. Yes l know a lot of people suffer from this. It's just hard to get through the day and getting out and around people is hard. Do you take meds or go to therapy? I do, it does sound like you are active in school & friends. Good for you. Thanks again, you can pm me if you like.

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