Suppression Therapy

Well, I've decided that I will start ST. I can't flick the bean, have sex, or wear a bathing suit without an outbreak. Honestly, they're more predictable in occurrence than my period. I know I can't change the past, but I would have been happier with something curable and a cheating *******. But, this is literally ruining everything I feel about myself. I finally want to have relationships and I'm so embarrassed and disgusted with myself I want nothing to do with them for there safety. I'd rather see them clean and safe to go on to another person than have the possibility of contracting herpes.

Outbreaks thrive on stress, stress often makes us eat unhealthy food, which in turn causes more outbreaks. Think of herpes as your external monitoring system of what needs to be tweaked internally. A disease of any kind is one of those things that can either bury us under a shroud of despair or it can force us to sit up and take stock. Your life, nor your sex life aren't over, work on increasing your health and your outbreaks will calm down.