:phew: survived a panic attack at lab today, feeling better

:phew: survived a panic attack at lab today, feeling better now thanks to a phone call with my closest friend. Actually feeling confident enough to stop at target to get something I need. Hopefully that confidence will hold up. Deep breaths!

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I'm glad you had someone to call. What helped you calm down from the conversation so maybe we can all learn what to say to others or to ourselves! For myself, I know just hearing a familiar voice was enough to help feel grounded again. Did you go to Target? =)

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The friend helped me calm down. She is like the second half of my mind, the one person I completely trust and rely on for emotional support. She can and has talked me down from anything and everything. The conversation wasn't anything special I guess, she just talked me through some deep breaths and then we chatted about how silly the world is sometimes.
I went to Target, felt very anxious but didn't rush out. Browsed at clearance racks and stuff. I freak out whenever people come into the same aisle as me :( I survived though and am home now. Going to try and turn my brain off for a bit with video games and hang out with my roomates, who are also my brother and sister. I am going to try and stay involved because high anxiety days like this have caused me to have a deal of trouble sleeping and have triggered feelings of wanting to self harm. But I am hopeful it won't happen tonight.

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@FreyjaEricka I have a friend like that too. Been through thick and thin together for nearly 16 years. She is so my other half. We think the same way, like a lot of the same stuff and she even suffers from panic disorder as well. I’m so glad you have someone like that to turn to. We’re truly lucky to have friends like that.