Survivor's Group

Domestic, I saw on one of your posts you thought of us as a survivor's group. I am finally beginning to see us that way too. I think that's a huge step for me. I have felt more like we were a victims group. Victims of our situations. I continue to try to make sense of my feelings and see them through other's eyes. Just trying to reach outside of myself. I hope this is what I'm suppopsed to be doing. It feels better most of the time. Loads of Virtual Hugs, Raylene

D always says it best. And yes it IS what your suppose to do Raylene keep looking within & talking here & dont stop til YOU feel better, I always keep finding other options/advice here.


April, It's amazing how somthing this simple could be such amaziing help. I wouldn't have thought sharing could have filled any part of the emptiness I feel without my Doug. I am very thankful for finding this site and expect to be sharing here as long as I live. Thanks for all your help too. Hugs, Raylene


we have a choice how we look at life hon, we can be victims or we can pick ourselves up off the floor and become stronger,

most of us have lives that impact on others and its up to us to still be the person they know we can be/are

you have the boys so why should u sell them short just because for u the end has come, they dont deserve that and doug didnt marry a feeble woman so why be one now,

the pain and hurt dont vanish but inside u have a core of memories that allow u to move even if baby steps are required to start the journey,

yes i probably will be here for the rest of my life too and i do believe its all about how we look at, its not a question of enduring untill we join them its about allowing ourselves to still have impact in the things that matter to us and our loved ones

keep posting hon

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

Thanks D, I am beginning to feel more like a survivor every day. I am blessed to have a wonderful family. It has been a very dark lonely journey, but I do see some light now. Thanks again for all your help. Hugs Raylene

raylene hon

i know u are going to make it and be a leader for others who paths cross yours, that the family will be safely lead in the helm of your compassionate hands,

but importantly take those down times and use them to recharge the batteries, be kind to u

loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)