Hi all,

I have been off of pain killers for about a month and am still sweating profusely! Does anyone know how long this might last? I was on them for over five years. My sleeping is just starting to get better but this sweating is embarrassing!


hey jess, good to hear your still off the meds. i would check with your doc first but could you be experiencing the effects of menapause.....don't bop me on the head as i don't know how old you are and this is a side effect of that....plus it really could be the remaining withdrawls don't know....you were on them a long time. but my vote is to call the doc...lets see what others have to say have a good day hun

Hi Kathy,
I won't bop you in the head but you scared me into rushing to the doc. Lol. Just kidding. I am certainly going to make an appt though. I am not at menopause age...although I know there are conditions that make you go into it early.

I did a little research and it seems that you can be less concerned if you had it as a teenager...which I did. Also zoloft can cause it. Either way I am making an appt.

Thanks for your opinion. I'll post next week when I find out what it is.


hehe your just to cool jes…please do let me know how ya make out with your appointment.

I had my appt and they are doing blood work. I find out on Friday the results. She thought it seemed like a long time to be sweating too. In the meantime, they actually make a topical med for profuse sweaters. Lol. Trying it tonight.


Hi Kathy!

Bloodwork looks good! I used the topical medication and it is FANTASTIC!!! I only used it one night so far and I have seen so much improvement I cannot believe it!


Hi Jess. I wrote to you before but just saw this thread..the sweating is unfortunately NORMAL. I couldn't believe it either but i have a friend that went through it and it took a long time for this symptom to stop however it was not there all the time and got less and less. I wonder if you have access to clonidine. It is a non-addictive mild blood pressure medication and really helps the sweating!!! If I have a really bad hot flash, i take 0.1mg pill or half of one and within 20 minutes, it has subsided a lot and lasts 6 hours at least. It can make you dizzy so be careful if you decide to try it. I work in a professional office and have to take it to get through the day...it has been a lifesaver.

Talk soon,


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Professional addict here: Sweating goes on for 5=10 days after metabolizatiuon. Good luck