As I do suffer from an Eating Disorder, I know IBS is often a result. Just wondering what the symptoms are?
I experience bloating almost daily, it never seems to go away...I used to only have bowel movements once a week, now I cant urinate without having a bowel movement, literally everytime im in the bathroom I go...I guess the frequency of which i go is throwing me off...
My diet consists of only fruits and veggies w hich i know is partly the reason for such frequent movements.
Um also, this is kinda gross and i feel like a dirt bag asking/saying it...but i notice most of the time there is undigested food in the movements...
Could I have IBS?

Lilac, I am not a doctor nor an expert, but from what you've posted I can only guess that it's your diet. You need more substance in your diet because there may be too much acidity and your body's having a hard time digesting foods with high acidity and lack of substance. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies, but make sure to balance it out with foods like oatmeal, cottage cheese, eggs, and other protein. I know that you're vegan, but there are many sources of protein for you. Have you talked to a doctor about this and/or a nutritionist?

Hmm puppy, the acidity from the grapes? You dont think it could be IBS?

I think that if your diet is simply made up of fruits and veggies, then that will really agitate your stomach and cause severe irritation; therefore, possible turned into IBS. Have you checked with your doctor about this? I definitely would try to nip it in the bud sooner rather than later. You don't want it to get any worse or cause long-term issues.

I havent brought it up, he knows I have digestive issues as a result of my ED but we've never discussed IBS...I think I will bring it up this week when I see him.

That's a great idea. Sorry I couldn't help you more, but always think it's best to seek professional medical advice when something's bothering you as such. I know that you'll get your answer this week and be able to nip it in the bud.

Thanks again puppy!

This is a gross topic, but I actually have the same exact symptoms. I have a loose bowel movement every time I go to the bathroom. It sucks. I eat a lot more than just fruits and vegetables too, so i think it's more likely that it's IBS for you than a reaction to the acidity in the grapes. I've talked to my doctor about it, and she said I probably have IBS. Talk to your doctor about it definitely. I, of course, am not a doctor, but I'd say it seems like you do have IBS.

These are my symptoms:
- always have loose movements in the morning, always.
- everytime i use the bathroom, i have a bowel movement, 90% of the time, loose
- extreme bloating
- when im stressed or nervous i get loose movements...

I have the same exact symptoms, weird...

lol Chelsea, we're like the same person!

You two are so great. I'm so glad that you connected on this topic, as it's always so good to know that you're not alone when going through something. I am just so glad that you're seeing your doctor about this Lilac.

I know it's too funny!

When do you see your doctor Gina?

This Thursday

Good, I'm glad it's so soon. I see my doctor Wed , I think i'll bring it up too.,


I thought I had IBS as is a result of ed. I, however, didn't suffer from diarrea but rather contipsation. I was bloated EVERYDAY and had a lot of discomfort. That was until I saw a naturopath doctor! I went for food intolerance testing, even tho I had it done before ed, and to my surprise, I found out I am lactose and gluten intolerant! The naturopath told me that due to ed, I developed leaky gut syndrome in which foods are leaking into my blood stream and causing reactions! I have been off dairy and gluten for almost 2 months now and my symptoms have almost completley subsided!!!! It's amazing! Have you ever thought of a naturopath before?

Katie199, you are providing such insightful and important information to us here, thank you for that. What is a naturopath doctor? I've never heard of one, but sounds like it helped you a ton. Thank you!

Wow Katie, thank you for sharing....I dont even know what a naturopath doctor is?

I'm glad that seeing a naturopath seemed to work for you, Katie. I am by no means saying that going off gluten and dairy is not a good choice for some, but diets this restrictive can be really hard for some people with EDs. My therapist has really cautioned me against adopting such a diet. A diet that includes every kind of food in moderation is usually the way to go (in my opinion). The fact is, most people don't need to have such a restrictive diet to be healthy. I think the reason that Gina and I are having these types of symptoms is because we are not eating enough, not because we shouldn't be eating gluten or dairy.