Taking Narcos to forget my ex

Taking Narcos to forget my ex

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I would suggest something less harsh to deal with the anxiety----Valerian Root is very helpful------why would you want to hurt yourself when you have so much to offer the world?

I just wanna stay high to forget the love of my life

during a normal life---people have more than a few "love of their lives"---that's what makes so mush worth living---new experiences--new challenges----you have just begun to experience it

Is 23 old

and you have a lot f life yet to live


just trying to be helpful--if you rush or try to force yourself in a relationship---you'll end up in my situation

What happened

I thought I was rescuing a nice women from an abusive marriage---she turned to be negative despite my help putting her through college---helping her with a career---paying all the bills---its been 7yrs with no physical contact---I still remain positive although I plan on going my own way in a few years when she is in the position to support herself

@sf22556 I typically go out every evening to work on her college assignment for a MA degree–in reality I complete them earlier in the day and go to the movies or some other acivity where I can find peace


so--take your time----your life is not over because of one stupid guy!


I hope I have been helpful---willing to help you in the future with other life events if need be

Should I hope we will get back together

@cupsofseahaven not if he doesn’t want you. Don’t waste your time trying to convince him when you can find someone to like you effortlessly.

Hi---I will give you my personal email if that is reassurance that I would be happy to talk to you again---I love mentoring people on a positive path in life-and I enjoyed our conversation tonight----I really hope I made you feel better about life and yourself! I have a good feeling you have a lot odf positives ahead of you in life! my name is steve-----I will respond to your posts here or you can email me at [email protected] live in the Northern VA area--

good morning--I hope you are having a brighter day!

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