Technology & Dating: Good or Bad?

Is technology ruining dating for us? What are your thoughts?

"Our discussion about online dating had me wondering about all the work we put in to writing those profiles to show off your personality. I have heard a lot of misadventures in dating where the person’s personality doesn’t quite click in person. It’s easy to be charming and witty online but what do you do when you rely on that too much?

Have you ever met someone and began texting or emailing them pretty regularly? Did you notice how their use of technology was some sort of social crutch?..."

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 11/30/10

i couldn’t find the full article, but yes i think it is. i think texting is bad, because no one ever wants to pick up a phone and call anymore. i wish we could go back to old fashioned dating and courting.

I think if used correctly, technology can be a tool, just like a GPS. I personally don't like having to use a GPS, but recognize that it's a valuable resource. It doesn't tell you which entrance will be the easiest, it distracts so many people into causing accidents. BUT, it gives you warning when you're coming close to where you need to turn. Technology and dating are similar. For instance, I'm not a church-goer, I don't do the bar scene, I don't have a job and most of my friends are truck-drivers, so they don't have much of a stationery social life. I'm looking to technology to find any friendships right now and if farther down the road something more develops, cool. I also like the idea of staying protected for a while until I get to know someone. I've been hurt by getting to "know" someone too fast and I think putting technology in between lets me slow down to figure out what I really THINK before I FEEL. Just my lowly opinion... :D

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