Teeth and Migraines

There is a direct relationship between how your teeth touch and migraine headaches. Incorrect tooth contacts will not allow the jaw, head and neck muscles to ever relax. The inability for muscle relaxation begins a series of events that will eventually lead to migraines.

The only way to find the pathologic tooth contacts is with the use of the proper equipment. The Tek-Scan is one component. It allows the tooth contacts to be visualized and slowed into one-hundredth second intervals. Please respond if you have any questions and I can explain in more detail.

This interests me as I suffer from migraines!

that is really cool i never knew that thx for the info

Oh boy, I bet I have a related case then. I never removed my wisdom teeth. I clamp them at night and suck my tounge. LOL!
I have done this for quite some time now.
Neck pain all the time and Migraines about 3 times a week.
silent migraines daily.