Terrible. I am turning 16 in one week and I weigh about 300

Terrible. I am turning 16 in one week and I weigh about 300 pounds. i just dont know how to lose weight. I cant hit the gym. I wonder how i can lose a large amount of weight at home and fast

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You can't lose weight fast healthily. It will come bak at you an you will gain more than before you started. Just start by eating 3 balanced meals and 3 snacks (snacks as in fruit. Veggies. Nuts. Yogurt) and at the end of the day have a treat. Like half a chocolate bar. Or a handful of chips. This takes time, patience, control and most importantly SELF LOVE. If you don't love yourself now. You won't when you lose weight . Honest to god. Losing weight will only benefit you physically. (Help you move easier, not feel so tired all the time) best of luck, be safe :) talk to me anytime

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@melTheHarlequeen i want to lose weight because people tease and make fun of me too much

You are so much better than the pathetic people who tease you. You are a wonderful being and need to be confident. People who make fun of you are foolish and are not needed in your life. Your happiness does not come from anyone or anything but yourself. It is your choice to listen to them or ignore them. I know if you hear t enough you tend to believe it but don't. Please don't. Be strong and brave enough to walk away. If it continues try telling them. How it makes you feel.

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You should try changing your online addiction to something like DDR, Dance Dance Revolution, or Dance Central. Those games are fun and helped me exercise when I needed to. :)

One of the best exercises is walking!! I lost a lot of weight and got to come off of my Diabetes medication. I cut back on snacking , ate sensibly and drank lots of water. The weight will just melt off of you when you walk. Take that first step. Walk a little bit each day and add a few more steps each day. Pretty soon, you will look forward to your walks and feel so proud of yourself. Good luck!

that’s very good advice. please will u support me and encourage me?